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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gb66, Apr 29, 2013.

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    Has anyone taken Phenergan or the generic form of it for sleep? I have some that I take when dealing with migraine nausea and they make me sleep better.

    I've been having a really bad time lately with some major dental problems and lots of pain from my FM in relation to many visits to doctors and dentists.

    I have been taking 1/4 of a 25 mg. tablet to help me sleep for the last 6 days and wondered if this could cause me any problems such as withdrawal or addiction.

    I looked on the Internet but there was lots of confusing info. Anyone have any experiences with this medication?

    If this is a safe med. it would be a good sleep aid for me. I have loads of trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep, even on a good day. Thanks, GB66
  2. Hi gb66, yes, I've taken Phenergan quite a few times over the years, starting with my first pregnancy. It was given to me for nausea and worked pretty well. It always knocked me out though, for like 12 hours. So I always had to scale back on the dosage.

    I also had to take it with my other pregnancies for severe nausea as well. I'm thinking it is safe if they give it to pregnant women...

    I've also taken it over the years for vertigo, to help knock me out. I'm just not sure if it would be good to take it longterm. With each of my pregnancies, I only took it for the first trimester... Approx the first 3 months.

    I've read that anything that artificially induces sleep, like Benadryl, etc prevents the kind of quality sleep that we need... It does something to the brain that prevents the normal processes that are suppose to take place while we sleep (healing, etc).

    But if you need it because of pain or nausea to help you sleep, I would use it for the short term and try to look into some natural alternatives as well so you don't have to stay on the Phenergan indefinitely.

    Many years ago, before I knew all that I know now, I took Benadryl every night for many many months...eventually it just stopped working... And then I was up the creek! And had no idea what to use in its place... Nothing is worse than not being able to sleep!! So I DO understand...

    Don't know if this helps or not... Just wanted to let you know my experience with Phenergan...

    God bless you, gb66!

    Gentle Hugs,
  3. gb66

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    Thanks for your reply. I am taking it daily for the last week due to a lot of dental problems and the stress and pain it's causing.

    I had my teeth cleaned three weeks ago and it was very painful this time, then, the next week I went to the oral surgeon for a pre.exam for extraction.

    Then, the next week I had another tooth filled and it also was very painful. The anesthetic hadn't had time to take effect and the whole procedure hurt a lot.

    Now, I've got an appnt. with the oral surgeon for Fri., May 10th for extraction. I am in so much pain I can hardly sleep, eat, or even sit in my recliner(not from the tooth, from the fibro.) I wanted to have the surgery done this week but I hurt too much.

    I hope the tooth doesn't get infected in the meantime, because it's broken. It does have some filling left in it though.

    I have had to put off my regular doctor's appnt. during all of this and can't get them to prescribe armour thyroid over the phone but can't take the synthroid either. I am so stressed, exhausted, and in lots of pain.

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