Phenergan - safety?HRN, anyone

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    I was doing some research on Phenergan and
    was getting so confused. Mind you, my brain
    has been very addled lately.

    I always thought that Phenergan was for nausea,
    which, of course, it is. When my mother was on
    chemo one of the several antinause meds they
    gave her was compazine. She hated it and I tried
    it and did not like it either.

    I got a script for Phenergan 25mg and I find
    it helpful with my nausea and also sleeping.
    I have seen where it says it comes with
    codeine, but I know mine does not.

    I noticed on some out of US site people were
    talking about it's dangers. I think they
    were talking about children, though. ALso
    said it was an antihistamine.

    My drug book doesn't have the phenergan listed
    without the codeine.

    Should I be careful with this med or can I take
    it as often as I need it (would most likely be
    one at bedtime or even 1/2).

    Do you know if it is stronger than compazine or
    less strong?

    I currently am trying Percocet 5, 4 mg zanaflex,
    .50 xanax, 50 z0loft, 10mg ambien for nightime
    cocktail. Does this sound like too much?
    Or is it okay. Thanks.


    PS: If it is okay, do you think I could give it
    to my mother to try? 1/2 of the 25 mg?
    She is currently taking .25 xanax and .5 ambien
    and 2 benadryl's at bedtime. Do you think it
    would be okay for me to give her half a phenergan
    to see if that would help her. Or shouldn't that
    be taken with the benadryl? She is 72.

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  2. Gracie65

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    given at e.r.'s when treating nausea and vomiting. Usually in i.v. and at 25mg. The suppositories are also 25 mg. I have also seen it used in combination with Demerol to prevent stomach upset from the Demerol. That tradename is Mepergan.

    The thing is though, many of us with CFS are sensitive to drugs and find the doses too much at full strength and even at half dose. Benadryl makes alot of people sleep and it sometimes used for that purpose. Phenergan can make you very tired and so given that your mother is on other meds, I would not give her any medications without her doctor knowing about it. Personally I have never had any help with Compazine stopping nausea and vomiting.
    Hope this helps....
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  3. Applyn59

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    Thanks for the response
  4. babyblues68

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    I've kept Phenergan around since I was about 16 yr old. I have always had a problem with nausea. It can be at the drop of a hat.

    I didn't know about the codeine. I usually take 25mg. The only time I take 50mg is when I get my kidney stones.

    Before giving any meds to your mom...ALWAYS talk to her doctor first. While phenergan doesn't leave me with a hang over. It left my mother sleeping for 2 1/2 days. This what they gave her in the end with her battle with cancer.
  5. klutzo

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    I used to take it with Restoril for migraines, and it is an excellent antihistamine, but very strong. It is also used in pre-operative hypos to relax patients.
    I love it for helping me get to sleep on nights when I just can't stop thinking about stuff.
    However, it can aggravate Neurally Mediated Hypotension problems, so if you have that be careful.
    I have also noticed that when I take it I have to concentrate really hard to be able to pee, and this is listed as a possible side-effect.
    Antihistamines can build tolerance, so I would not use it every night.
  6. catgal

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    Hi applyn59~~I occasionally get nausea with IBS, so I keep the pill form of 25mg phenergan with codeine on hand. I also take 20mgs of oxycontin 3x's a day, 10mg percocet 3x's a day, soma 3x's a day, 20mgs of bextra once a day, and 1mg of klonopin at night for other medical problems. For me, the phenergan has not produced any complications or bad side affects with my other meds.

    However, before you give any kind of medication to your Mom, be sure and check with her physician.

    Your Mother is very lucky is have someone as concerned and thoughtful as you. Just talk to her doctor about her nausea and see if he thinks a script of this would be of help to her.

    Meanwhile, take care of yourself, and God Bless your sweet, considerate Heart. Carol....
  7. Applyn59

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    I have nausea 24.7. Have for years and years and years. I do have GERD and hiatal hernia and
    IBS. I asked the "pseudo" dr. on Wednesday if I
    could have Phenergan. SHe said no. I asked for
    Percocet for my back pain just a few to get me
    to be able to tolerate a long day going to a lyme
    dr. She said no. I see a GI on Aug 29 and their
    office told me my dr. would give me somthing to
    hold me over.

    I called my FMS dr. after this and he gave me the

    My mother has no nausea but she has extreme
    extreme anxiety and is a wreck at night. I was
    trying to think of something that might be able to
    help her. I am calling a recommend pscyh on
    Monday. Last night my mother came into my
    room at 1:30 and was a nervous, anxious, shaking
    wreck. She just wanted to see me so we talked
    and we walked up and down the hall for a while.
    It helped to calm her down a bit.

    The only reason I wanted to give it to her was because
    I thought it might help her sleep. SHe has had
    high powered antinausa meds in the past during
    her chemo treatment.

    Can't ask her dr. about it right now. Am now too
    thrilled with her. I called the pscyh office this
    am and he said to call on Monday. He also said
    that he has very limited openings for new patients.
    I really need to get my mother into them asap.
    I want to go as well. I am going to use my chiro's
    name as referral and he is also the husband
    of one of the oncology nurses we like. I am hoping
    those two things will get us in. If not, I don't
    know. I see my endocrinologist on Tuesday
    and will ask him about her as well and get
    recommendation if this dr. doesn't work out.

    My mother thought compazine was too strong and
    zofran gave her headache. She tolerated Kytril
    pretty well. This, like I said, is just until I
    can get her to a good phyc who knows his stuff.
    It kills me to see her like this.

    Thanks again for any advice.
  8. Wolverine

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    Ive been on phenergan for a few years on and off - probably a few times a week. It has multiple benefits for things such as nausea (which i LIVE with daily), sleep, even helps my anxiety. I now only take 1/2 a 10mg tablet because my MCS has gotten that much worse. The prob is that it does cause low blood pressure and grogginess the next day sometimes - usually if i take too late at night. Otherwise its good.

  9. jeniwren

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    My one and only experience with this drug was that it put me to sleep for 36+ hours. I was lucky that I was in hospital, when this occured.

  10. Gracie65

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    happened to a dear friend who has CFS. I already posted here on this topic that I have to use very low doses of most meds now, I must be oversensitive. But this person was in the e.r. with nausea/vomiting due to a severe headache. She was given only Phenergan through i.v., no pain meds, etc. and she claimed she got a funny taste briefly in her mouth the minute she got the Phenergan, then within a few minutes of that she was trying to take the i.v. line out of her arm. She was pulling at the sheet repeatedly and felt hyper or something. She said her legs were wanting to move and not being able to in bed made her very anxious. She kept pulling at the side rails and never did fall asleep. She had been given a 25 mg. dose. She felt like she was going to jump out of her skin.

    Later on when she was somewhat recovered from that, she mentioned that Phenergan was a med she had used whenever she had bad nausea and it always worked. The nurse said that a side effect, although not common, was this form of excitability. Of course now she will never, ever take it again. I really think many of us develop a low threshold to tolerate meds, even meds we have taken with no problems in the past.

    We get reactions, some severe, that cause us to stop taking that med and then another. I take children's doses to just about everything now and have to tell any new doc about this tendency. I have recently noticed an intolerance to common household cleaners, bleach, ammonia, even antiperspirant sprays. Just thought I would add this to yours because it really rung a bell with me....Gracie65
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    Phenergan is safe. Usually when phenergan is given with codeine it is given as an elixer for those with a cough to help suppress it or as an antihistimine to decrease the drainage. It should be ok to take it at night as long as it doesn't over sedate you. Phenergan is given for nausea,as an antihistimine,and sometimes for anxiety.
  12. JQP

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    The only time I had phenergan, which I thought only to be an anti-histimine, was to 'relax' me so they could remove a supra-pubic catheter that was beginning to grow in and I had already suffered from them trying to withdraw it!

    They wouldn't take my word for it that it hadn't taken before they went ahead witht he withdrawal, and then about an hour or so later IT HIT.

    I couldn't keep my legs still. I can remember telling everyone I'd be OK if they would get rid of the wobbly blood in my feet! I know I was jerking all over, and then must have slept. When I woke about two hours later, I felt like hell. I didn't sleep all night, my body was all over.

    Doc's reaction in the morning - oh yes, I thought that would happen. Isn't it good it doesn't affect them!!!

    Anyway, there is no way I would go near it again, especially after finding out others reactions. But then, that's how we learn about our bodies and our reactions -0 shame the medics don't listen!