phenibut derivative of gaba

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    Phenibut (beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid is a derivative of the inhibatory nuerotransmitter gaba, it is sold as a supplement and easy to find on the internet, it is used for anxiety, sleep, pain etc similar uses to benzos. Dosages used are around 250mg - 5000mg before bed. I personally need 3000-5000mg and if you use it every day tolerence builds quickly, so taking it intermittently avoids this and helps it to keep working. I find it really helps sleep and awake feeling well rested. Initially worked well on its own but now on its own has a calming effect but not much on sleep, when combined with an antihistamine works well and improves my sleep quality. It does get to the stage where it stops working, this is when i avoid using it for a few months. In a previous thread i wrote about my 'insomnia hole' because i havent used phenibut in awhile i thought it was worth a try again, it has helped me crawl out of the hole, i have been alternating it with doxepine and getting good sleep again, thank goodness.