Phew what a storm. Back from hotel.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cjcookie, Jul 24, 2006.

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    I haven't been able to post since we lost power last Wednesday. I knew it was going to be a whopper by the size and quick onset of my migraine. My son used to be fascinated by my weather predicting powers. I was one of the lucky ones who thought quick to find a hotel. The first Holiday Inn was very nice, the second was pretty yucky - the kind of yucky where you don't want to go barefoot on the carpet. However, I had an air conditioner and my puppies with me so I was okay.

    I lost power at the hotel on Friday. The staff was awful. I tried to explain the I couldn't do stairs (I was on the fourth floor). They said they couldn't move me because they couldn't clean the ground floor rooms. I told them I would take my linens and really didn't mind if the room was perfect. They said they wouldn't do it. I told them to check the stairs periodically because I had been very dizzy lately and if I tried to walk down, I could fall. They were really pretty nasty to me. I got to pay about $90 for the privelege.

    I live on the lucky side of the street that got power back over the weekend.

    No TV but I can make out faces on my Channel 4 soaps so I'm not complaining. We have to go emtpy the freezer and fridge today. Two trees down but my family is okay so that's what really counts.
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    I just wanted to give you some support, because it's obvious you are going through some major stress!

    I read your other post about getting a generator, and stuff, for "disaster preparedness". VERY SMART! I have not done anything along those lines yet, but I am "trying" to move it UP on my list of priorities.

    Please, when you do get a generator, PLEASE be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is fairly common when using a generator, so please be careful!

    How long are you going to be staying in the hotel? I hope you don't have to continue that for long, both because of the expense, and the stress!

    WE ALL need to develop survival plans. If the government tells you to "prepare for 3 days", you know that means you should prepare for at least 3 weeks.....if not three months. WE NEED TO REMEMBER HURRICANE KATRINA!!!

    Scary times for everyone.....but especially for the sick and/or disabled!

    Take care, and check back in to let me (us) know how you are doing, okay?


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