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  1. scarflady

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    I hope Noz from England is still with us. I used the search area for both Phlegm and Mucus. Noz had some interesting information regarding parasites creating a phlegm problem. Noz wrote about a Dr. Klapwo who researched parasites in sputum. Since I have H. Pylori along with other health problem I wondered if there is a connection since she mentions worms.... NOZ ....did you mean parasites???
    There is a wealth of information from previous posts in the search area and the information posted there can give some quick answerers.

    Wishing you all better health!
  2. over50

    over50 New Member

    bumping up, for scarflady
  3. Noz

    Noz New Member

    new info just posted re parasites-see my profile

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