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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by quanked, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. quanked

    quanked Member

    Does this site have a message board like Prohealth? If there is one I cannot find it.

    Thanks in advance to responders.
  2. quanked

    quanked Member

    I think I have been at this site before. I wonder why a link to this bulletin is not obvious on the phoenix rising site.

    I am going to check these bulletin out.
  3. CortJ

    CortJ Member

    Its very different - a big update to the package - new functionality and a Front Page section for Articles.

    I didn't realize I didn't have an easy to find Forums button on the Front page of the website. I put it on there. Thanks
  4. CortJ

    CortJ Member

    I actually thought about it and changed it so it goes straight to the Forums now - easier. :)
  5. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    PR is the only forum that has made changes that I like better.....most of the time when something online changes I hate it and I have no idea what I am doing.....with PR, the changes make sense and are really helpful....thanks, Cort : )
  6. CortJ

    CortJ Member

    Thanks! Its turned out to be wonderful forum - its still growing rapidly.
  7. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    But, it's a great site. once you get the hang of it. brain fog dosent help:(
  8. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    I agree that Phoenix Rising is a great site. It seems to have a lot of "brainy" (and friendly) people who can go into depth on any number of topics. It takes more brain power in some ways to stay on top of things, as there's many more threads and they move along quite rapidly.

    The good part is that it's much less likely that a person will waste energy getting bogged down in needlessly enervating discussions on conventional vs. alternative philosophies. It's just not a part of the culture over there. And it's a great energy saver.

  9. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    "It is amazing how many people think that they can answer an argument by attributing bad motives to those who disagree with them. Using this kind of reasoning, you can believe or not believe anything about anything, without having to bother to deal with facts or logic." --

    Thomas Sowell
  10. Don'tLook

    Don'tLook New Member

    1. Could you please explain the rules of moderation and censorship on your Phoenix Rising site?

    i.e. What kinds of posts, information , opinions, links are not allowed?

    Many replies or posts that challenge a theory, a treatment or a testimonial are often promptly deleted.

    2. Can any registered member form a Permission Group? Or does the nature of group have to be approved by the administration? If the permission group has an interest to people with CFS or Autism or M.E. can a permission /discussion group be formed?

    3. How does a registered member Unsubscribe from your site?

  11. ulala

    ulala New Member

    arguments on this site. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
  12. cfs since 1998

    cfs since 1998 New Member

    kina, what is your issue? Take a chill pill. Cort didn't start the thread, he merely responded to it.
  13. Synapse

    Synapse New Member

    Phoenix Rising is very scientific, but also politically correct. Cort is influenced by the CAA and likes to keep posts not too 'controversial' in order to keep things 'balanced', however a balance is never achieved behind the glossy exterior. If you see the forum sections there are many sections about behavioural therapy and other things that people with neuro immune disease knows makes them worse. If you point this out in a section about XMRV, you get slammed.Quite strange, as XMRV is not about psychology but virology.

    Often you will see on there that a very anti psychiatric post is hi-jacked by lurkers who cause so much trouble, the thread is then closed down or indeed re-started. Very convenient to silence what is being discussed!

    The worst thing is the extreme moderation which, addmitedly, has only happened in the last few months. Individual moderators like their little piece of power and come down hard on you with 'private messages'. If you let anyone know what is in these private messages, again they slam you and send threats. (Even if the messages are unjustly draconian or down right false).

    In my opinion, this ruins that forum because what is lovely and fluffy on the outside is potentially corroded on the inside. Phoenix Rising is a good forum for sure, if you understand that the moderators will not tolerate any criticism of their actions, ever.

    Sarcasm is banned and part of the 'forum rules', which I think is interesting as it's another form of censorship and a great way to control people. It means you cannot defend yourself from an accusation without having your message deleted, and then being told off back channel, or worse.

    Prohealth may be basic, but it's better in terms of getting along with each other. Less big brother tacticts and no mean messages sent back channel that put pressure on people, often extremly disabled.

    There are no private messages here which is how it should be. When messages can be sent back and forth in an instant, naturally the bitching starts and people fall out with each other. Spying and he says/she says then takes place.

    I've had a few people message me on facebook who left that forum due to nasty moderators who always back the psychiatric view of a non psychiatric condition. It's all about power at the end of the day, and maintaining power. People are ruthless, selfish and will do anything to keep it, even if it's 'deleting' your views, or 'moderating' your post.

    At least at Prohealth we know what the sites about, and just happily get on here. Sure a few posts get exciting but it ends there, no threats and warnings over the slightest tiny little things like not quoting someone perfectly, or what I say the other day a guy posted something in response to someone else (his opinion) and the moderator slammed them and said this is a 'breach' of the rules and you better watch it kind of thing. Very weird, as the person simply asked a question (politely) what the other person meant. Hence people leave.
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  14. Khalyal

    Khalyal New Member

    I've experienced the backchannel slap myself, only it was more like the backchannel cane-beating, lol!

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  15. Khalyal

    Khalyal New Member

    Did anybody figure out how to close your account over there?

  16. Khalyal

    Khalyal New Member

    I did email, haven't tried the second option yet. Although I'm surprised to still be there anyway.....:)
  17. aftermath

    aftermath New Member

    As some of you may know, I was heavily involved with the launch of the forums at Phoenix Rising--I'm actually the one who came to Cort with the idea for the project.

    The motivation behind the idea was pretty simple.

    First, the software upgrade implemented by ProHealth roughly one year ago was to an inferior package than what was already in place. It may have some advantages on the backend, but feature wise, the new system is severely lacking. The lack of an ability to easily quote posts, add hyperlinks and send private messages was available on other forum packages ten years ago.

    Second, my goal was to see a ME/CFS forum that was totally free of censorship or commercial interests. Such forums only prohibit "ad hominem" (against the person) attacks where a writer chooses to call another poster names instead of refuting an argument. With regard to attacks against arguments, ANYTHING GOES--and I mean ANYTHING.

    I was initially going to launch the project on my own, but I decided to suggest it to Cort as my space energy is very limited. Moreover, I found (and still continue to find) his writing on ME/CFS to be some of the most informative on the Web.

    Last spring, I installed the forum and set up the initial categories. The next thing I knew, more and more people started appearing as moderators and administrators. Personally, if someone had come to me with an idea and we implemented it together, I would at least give that person a heads up before bringing third parties into the equation.

    Within a few months, one of the third parties deleted a post. I immediately withdrew my affiliation with the project, as I saw the writing was on the wall.

    Still, even I had no idea just how out of control that things would become. As Kina aptly put it, that site engages in far worse things in regular course of business than anything that ProHealth has ever been accused of. I'm very glad to have bailed out and returned here when I did.

  18. Khalyal

    Khalyal New Member

  19. cfs since 1998

    cfs since 1998 New Member

    That's a shame what happened. The number of moderators at PR has only increased since you've left, I think it has at least doubled. The whole process of how and why people become moderators there is very mysterious.

    I think a good forum has guidelines on who can be a moderator and strict rules about what actions the moderators can take. It would be nice if the members of a forum could nominate and elect the moderators.

    That said I still like the discussion at PR because the opinions are so diverse and news and information are disseminated rapidly.
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  20. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    Wow,what a story!!!

    Can the moderators get your password? Several accounts were hacked and it was not a coincidence that they were the ones "chosen". I believe the people who were hacked had the same password at PR as at PH. One of these hackers even changed a post on this board that they had not written.

    I have had the PM's that raked me over the coals. However the ones that broke my heart were the ones where people were desperately pleading for me to tell them what doctor was treating Dessin. They wanted to be "cured" just like Dessin. Sad, so very very sad.

    Thanks for your post. Interesting information.


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