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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sisland, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. sisland

    sisland New Member

    How many phone books does one pearson need? just recieved the 4th one in the mail today,,,,the regular phone company always sends 2 a year

    but now they have competitors so now theres 2 or 3 more ,,,,,Waste of paper,,,,lolol just gripeing,,,,
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  2. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Probably get so many because of some sweet heart laws, tax laws, that encourage the mailings.

    Perhaps some of the laws are in a comprehensive 1000 page statute supposed to fight the war on illiteracy and encourage books.

    Or, perhaps, I am being too cynical. Mr Bill:)

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  3. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    just got three here the other day, I yesterday i couldn't find one...lacey

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