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    Anyone want to see our ugly mugs? I have included a pic of me and My husband Ray if anyone is interested to see what we look like.Just go to my bio.
  2. mom

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    You sure don't look old enough to be grampa and grandma.
    Does Ray always smile that bright. If he smiled that big in the morning around me I think I would kill him.
    Don is lucky as he rarely smiles. When he does you can't see it for the beard and mustache.
    Isn't cfs the pits. I have had it for 25 years and fibro for 46. I am 46 almost 47 now and have one grandson aged 15 months.
    Can't wait for summer because I am going to kidnap him for a week 2 if I am lucky. They live about 8 hours away.
    take care
    mom lynda
  3. BonnieB

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    Just one of Rays many charicteristics(sp) that I fell in love what a smile!!! My sweet Honey Bun!!! LOL And That smile is like a "Ray" of sunshine in my life.
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    Hello Bonnie,

    your photo is appreciated as it's nice to put a picture to the posts.

    I put an old one on from my school days (that's me on the left) as i'm not quite so brave and it's the first time i've managed to add a photo to anything. Took a lot of patience for me to sit and do it so any advice would be appreciated.

    Take care
    Bye for now
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