phsyical thereapy,feel worse

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rbecca47, Oct 20, 2005.

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    i started phsyical therapy, about 3weeks ago, i feel so much worse. my legs feel like 100lb. wieghts are on them. arms feel like rubber. i do two sessions in pool, water feels wonderful but does not ease the pain, after the session, i hurt so much, yesterday therapy was in message and heat. the message felt good, she was real gentle. the heat felt good also. but before i even got home my muscles and nerves (or what ever)ached worse than kidney stones (had those). i really felt like i was hit by a mac truck. (not that i would know what the felt like). but i sat in my recliner, with cat on my chest and tried to relax. cat kept me warm. he makes a nice heating pad. well enough rableing. my question is does anyone else get physical therapy? and does it help? i have to decide on monday if i want to continue,or not. want to know if i haven't given it much time to work. thankyou for listening to be going on and on.
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    I am feeling your pain. It sounds a bit like you are going too fast. My PT is having me go very very very slow so I do not have to deal with many major flares. I would not quit if I were you but maybe just slow it down to see if that helps.

    I know a lot a people will say that any exercise hurts but a little actually helps me.

    I hope you can get through this!

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    My PCP sent me to PT a few months ago and it felt ok at the time but later it was awful. I had more pain and soreness for days. I went 1 more time and that was it.
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    I tired. She put me in a harness to do slow controled walking on a treadmill....

    I did not go back.

    Even a little can sometimes be way to much.