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    I have an upcoming appointment with a physiatrist. Has anyone seen this typeof doctor? What was your exrerience? Did it help?
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    The doc I see now was called a physiatrist by the doc who recommended him. He is actually an osteo, a D.O. I love him!
    He uses physical therapy, trigger point injections, Rx meds, and he actually shows me himself how to do specific stretches. He was previously a physical therapist himself, so I guess that's a plus. My doc is also very open minded, he listens to new ideas that I or his other patients bring to him, and he even told me last visit that he really appreciates me trying to find answers on my own, because what I tell him that I've tried that either works or doesn't work will help him treat other patients in the future.
    He is not a pain management specialist, but he is the one who diagnosed and is treating me for FMS/CFS/chronic myofascial pain.
    I think, in general, these docs are more familiar with the mechanics of the human body and better understand the pain in bones vs joints vs muscles, etc. so, in some ways they are better equipped to help us deal with it.
    I hope your appointment goes well.
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    Please see my reply under your other post on this.

    Love, Mikie