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  1. LindaW

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    I have an upcoming appointment with a physiatrist. Has anyone seen this typeof doctor? What was your exrerience? Did it help?
  2. Mikie

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    I went to one before who was a real quack. Then, I heard one speak at an FMS meeting at the local hosp. and he sounded very, very knowledgeable. My PCP and I want to see if there is anything we are missing in my treatment. They are like any other docs, some good some bad. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  3. aprilhuque

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    I have Kaiser and I am seeing a Physical Medicine doctor, which is the same thing. Actually, he is the one who diagnosed me, so I am a little biased. This is the doctor who is basically saving my life, but there are drawbacks . . .

    This doctor is the one who is giving me nerve blocks (steroids) and explained that he didn't want to give me too much due to immune suppression (NO MD ever told me that--I had a neurologist giving me nerve blocks like every 2 weeks!!!!), he then gave me botox and didn't care about the price or repercussions (at Kaiser!!!bastards!!!).

    He also put me on B-12 and physical therapy and is the most holistic practitioner that I have found in this system. HOWEVER, THERE IS ONE PROBLEM-IT IS THE PHYSICAL MEDICINE DOCTOR'S GENERAL PHILOSOPHY NOT TO PRESCRIBE MEDICATION DIRECTLY FOR PAIN--yet, he was completely open with me about that and said that if I got it from the neuro or pain managment or whoever, he would not protest.

    I hope that this helps and you can contact me anytime for more info.

    Best of wishes to all,
  4. starstella

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    (physical medicine doctor) and it has been a good experience. Mine also deals with pain management. In fact, it wasn't until I began seeing the physatrist that my complaints became legitimized and I stopped feeling that no one believed that I was sick. Mine has referred me to physical therapy, discusses aggessive options (I also have disk problem) which I have refused and my decision is respected. There are doctors and there are doctors, but luckily for me, a physiatrist was a positive experience. Hopefully your experience will be also.