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    The weekend before Xmas i had terrible problem with dizziness. I do suffer a lot with light headedness but the was unusually bad. Then on the Monday 23rd Dec i found myself feeling so weak i could barely stand. My head was so faint feeling but i also had a bit of a temperature and sore throat. A Dr came out to me and said i had tonsillitis. She gave me a antibiotic and also told me to stop taking the anti-depressant i was on instantly because it may be causing me to have low white blood cell count. Its a warning on the packet if you get a virus to get your blood checked in case of this problem. Anyway, next day i struggled badly to get down to the Drs to have blood taken, this being Xmas eve. The whole of the day i felt so ill and was not looking forward to Xmas day as i just knew i was going to be ill, but even i was unaware of what was to happen............
    Xmas morning, i woke after 6 hours sleep, not enough for me. I thought i would have a bath, that would help me feel more awake. I got myself downstairs by the Xmas tree in ready to open the presents with my children. I felt faint and hardly had the strength in my hands to unwrap my gifts. I struggle through every minute of it, i felt as though i was going to collapse any minute. Around lunchtime my boyfriend turned up with his gifts for me. I sat on the sofa, in my nightwear and feeling very ill. Opening his gifts were near impossible, by now i was feeling very out of it, detached feeling, exhausted and on the verge of fainting. My daughter cooked Xmas dinner and i sat at the table trying very hard to hold back my tears and the way i felt. I decided i would go up to try for a sleep but it was to no surprise i couldn't, I felt far to ill for that. It was now 6pm, i felt to ill to get out of my bed. My boyfriend was in a very bad mood with me and i felt i had ruined everybodys Xmas. What i am about to tell you, you are not going to believe.........
    It was about 9pm. I felt i just had to go to sleep. I needed the toilet but i was so weak and faint that i never had the strength to wrap my arms around my sons neck so he could support me to the toilet and back. I collapsed on my bedroom floor unable to get up, not even with the help of others. My son decided to call an ambulance, a paramedic was with me within about 10 minutes managed to get me onto my bed and decided that i needed a Dr out to me as being it was Xmas day i wouldn't get much help by going into casualty. He phoned for the duty Dr and then left. About 10 minutes later the duty Dr phoned, my son informed him of the situation and the Dr told him to recall for an ambulance. It was about 20 minutes later when a ambulance did turn up and two paramedics. This is what happened next.......
    I heard one paramedic shout, "right you lot, out of here" then the door slammed. I was laying on my side on bed and was pulled into a upright sitting position. To my shock and horror the paramedic to my right shouted to me in a angry voice, "Right you, I've seen people like you. I know what you game is, You got muscles so bloody well use them" I told him that i cant stand unaided and that i was too weak but he was having none of it. He was pulling and tugging at my arm and digging his fingers into it. I told him he was hurting me but all he replied to that was "No i am not" and continued to bully me into standing up. I needed the toilet and he told me the only way i was going to go was to walk there. I told him had ME/CFS and that i had spent around 95% of the last 3 months in bed but this made difference to the way i was being treated. This went on for about 5 minutes until he gave up in trying to get me to stand. They did take me the hospital in the end and even there i was made to wait in the waiting room in a wheelchair in my nightwear. I so much needed to lay down. I saw this nice Dr, She told me i never had tonsillitis and should have never been told to stop my anti-depressant instantly like that. I had a virus that was irritating my ME and was having severe withdrawel effects from stopping my anti-depressant instantly. She checked my blood test i had done a few days ago, it was ok so i could retake it, then sent me home.

    I have just written a letter to the complaints department, at the very least i want the man sacked. My doctor came out to me on the 27th Dec and took note of the bruising to my right arm and my emotionally state.

    I am almost back to what i was just before Xmas. My whole Xmas was a total nightmare and those words he shouted out to me still haunt me.


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    i feel so sad of what you just went though i hope the guy does loss his job for this .and the doc who told you to stop taking your meds is not to bright .i will be thinking of you i hope now you are on the mend
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    that you had to put up with that type of abuse from someone who is supposed to be helping you. You are right to complain and you should get an apolligy from the person concerened. I hope he will be severely reprimanded
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    I send you lots big soft hugs and hold your hand till you get well. What a living nightmare you have been through. No one should ever have to experience such horror. Be persistant and make sure that man loses his job. File abuse charges on him. He needs to be put away. He probably does this to others. If everyone spoke out, you could have him punished.

    I am so sorry that you have been feeling so badly for such a long time. I hope you have the support of your family and boyfriend. Take good care of yourself and get your body's system built back up. I will think of you often and say a prayer for you.

    Keep posting and let us know how you are doing, okay.

    You have a friend in Texas,
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    I am so sorry for what you went thru! What a horrible way to be treated just when you really needed some comfort! MANY MANY HUGS TO YOU!

    That person needs to find another line of business! There is no place for him in the field he is in! It just makes me mad to hear of people like him, supposedly in the field to help others who are in need!

    That reminds of me of one time when I was in the ER for a drug reaction (I am very sensitive to many drugs and have all kinds of reactions). One of the nurses was just outside the door and said that I "was probably a suicide and he hated working with suicides, they should be left a lone and go ahead and die!" I was so sick I could hardly respond, but I managed to let them know that I was not a suicide and that I didn't what that guy working with me! I reported him the next day after I was better. I don't know what good it did, but at least I felt better about saying something!

    My prayers are with you!

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    Hi all.

    Thank you for your kind words on the ordeal i spent on xmas day. I am around about back to what i was before xmas now which is only about 20% well but far much better than that day and the days that followed.

    I will let you know when i hear about my complaint.


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    its a horrible fact that because a few people are hypochondriacs and call out ambulances just for attention, that the rest of us get labelled along with them as fakers and attention seekers. our pain is real and all i can say "GO FOR IT" with your complaint - this is not acceptable. hope you feel better soon.