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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by janie4444, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. janie4444

    janie4444 New Member

    I have a very physical job...I financially cannot quit...any suggestions?
  2. Chelz

    Chelz New Member


    I can relate to you. I work in medical records and I'm hauling heavy charts all over the hospital. I can't finacilly quit either. My best suggestion is to try to get as much help for yourself with family or friends.

    Set aside a day just for yourself to watch your favorite show, or make a good dinner for yourself. I know my advice sounds like it's coming out of some magazine, but it's the only thing that gets me by.

    I am fortunate to have parents, sister and friends who do help me with quite a few things. There are days though, that I feel like I'm going to crack. I didn't think medical records would be such a physically and mentally exhausting job, but it is.

    I get a massage every month which costs $45.00, but my mom agreed to pay for half, and I pay the rest, this has helped me a lot. Good luck to you, Hugs Chelz.

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