Physical Therapy and Lidoderm Patches

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gknee, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. gknee

    gknee New Member

    I have had a few PT appointments and tons of at home exercises. I did find out the I have lost a lot of mobility in my neck and shoulder. When I turn my head to the right I can move it 60 degrees. When I turn my head towards the left I only get a 40 degree angle. I can't lift my left arm as well as my right stand up or even laying down. So no wonder why I was such a PAINFUL mess.

    I have had problems with my liver and all the meds I have been taking. My dr. wants to get my neck and shoulder under control before we try more oral meds. It may give me some time for my liver enzymes to go back down.

    She did give me a prescription for Lidoderm patches rather than upping my oral pain meds. So far it works great. My pain meds help somewhat with my overall pain. This is allowing me to add more pain relief to a specific area rather than continuing to hurt my liver with oral pain meds. Hopefully, the combo of the two pain meds will help, until the PT helps to get my neck and shoulder back to a place of less pain and more mobility.

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