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  1. YvonneM

    YvonneM New Member

    I just began with therapy after 10 yrs with FMS!
    3 x week ! water and work out room.... even after 2 visits, seems to relax some of the muscles. I sure hope it continues. Anyone find anything else that works, please share........
  2. Hope4Sofia

    Hope4Sofia New Member

    I'm interested in people's experience with this as well. I was once told that PT would make me feel worse but I'm not sure I believe that.

    I saw a pt once when I was preg and it was very helpful for that particular pain.

    Thanks for the post.

  3. day2day

    day2day Member

    I did it for a month and a half 2x a week ( well I tried to 2x a week), had a great therapist, she did the tens machine after my light sessions, but omg I was in pain like crazy, and my shingles was flaring up more then a flare gun, over and over again.

    My Dr. wants me to try Water Therapy, that I am interested in trying. I also would like to try just a small walking treadmill in my house so I could walk at my own pace, and maybe some type of those stretch bands to get my muscles working a bit, I am losing my muscle mass.

    Don't base anything on my experience though, I tire easily upon exercise and tend to have flares of my CFS/FM/and shingles.
  4. aylasmom

    aylasmom New Member

    I've been going to PT for about 6 months, originally for a protruding disc in my neck, but now for fibro. My PT has rheumatoid arthritis and knows all about the ouch factor. She does very wonderful massage that helps me get through a couple of days and next week we are starting on gently excercises on the ball...we'll see how that goes.
  5. jbennett2

    jbennett2 New Member

    I have myofascial release done by a PT. I have also heard that cranio-sacral release is also excellent - same thing only they do more of the back. I always feel better after a treatment - the therapist just needs to understand your pain and work accordingly.

    I do Ai Chi in a 92 degree pool. It is a combination of T'ai chi and Yoga like moves done gently. It has helped my range of motion in my neck immensely.
  6. starmom

    starmom New Member

    I have had many many rounds of htis. I am NOT going back here in the town I live. when I was younger I had PT and it was very helpful. I still have (and do) the exercises they gave me. Very gentle stretching and range of motion stuff.

    Later I saw a PT for a bulging disc. He finally refused to treat me, not b/c me, but b/c it kept making things worse. He was a nice guy.

    Then we moved here. A bunch of just out of school girlies who sneer at anyone overweight, and say if I would just eat less and exercise more the fibro would go away. 3 separate PTs told me this! One of them when I took my dau in for therapy for HER back. AND they didn't help my dau!! Who is 10 and just right for her size and very beautiful and sweet! My dau asked why they were so mean to say the things about me. I couldn't answer.

    Anyway, PT can be good, can be bad. I ALWAYS hurt for 2-3 days after.

  7. megchampagne

    megchampagne New Member

    My doc wrote me a script to get PT 3x a week for 4 weeks. I just completed my second week and it is AWESOME.

    This is a very small PT place in downtown New Orleans called Performance Rehab. The therapists are all really, really nice and have great senses of humor. One of the therapists said "You have fibro, so what gets rid of the pain? If your doctor prescribes pot, make sure you bring me some" -- Haha!

    They basically just have me do a lot of weight training. I am actually really strong, I just need to build up my endurance. They have me lift weights, use an upper body cycle, a normal exercycle, crouches, some very easy leg stretches, and 15 minutes of heat therapy.

    I don't feel less sore. In fact, I'm usually in pain when I'm leaving. But it's like I read in Mark Pellegrino's excellent book on FMS.

    * * * *
    You're gonna be sore anyway, so you might as well be fit and sore.
    * * * *

    I'm hoping they can teach me some exercises I can do at home. Otherwise, I might join a gym. I find the exercise extremely beneficial and it really boosts my confidence.
  8. Jo29

    Jo29 New Member

    I was skeptical at first. Now I am so glad that I went. They do a lot of stretches and I go out of there feeling great.

    I think my Rheumy wants them to do more massage, but they have only done massage twice.

    They have also given me exercises to do at home. I am hoping the exercises will help me after the therapy is over.

    All of my therapy has been from the waist down. I guess they thought that was the area that needed it the most.

    I would recommend physical therapy to anyone.


    PS I also started Curves about the same time that my physical therapy started. Both of these together have really helped my pain and especially the stiffness.
  9. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    I highly recommend trying physical therapy. I have had bad lower back pain for about 4 or 5 years. The pain felt like muscular and disc and nerve problems all at once. When it really flared up, I would start limping. and I'm only 36. I was afraid to tell my doctor because I thought he would recommend surgery. Well I finally told him, and he prescribed P.T. 3 times a week for one month. It has helped immensly!! My back is so much better. I had/have a bulging disc.

    I don't know if PT helps with general all over body aches from fibro. I have been getting freakishly tight neck and upper back and shoulder pains for a few months now and massage has helped.

    Also try the tennis ball against the wall trick for a fast easy and free self massage!

    PS- I read that several people posted that theit physical therapists were not very kind or understanding. I guess I was very lucky because mine were these hot young guys who were super nice and smart and funny. they even made me feel comfortable rolling around like a beached whale trying to do the exercises. hee hee
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  10. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    I think everyong is different, even in this.

    Every couple of years, or so, I decide to try physcal therapy to build up my strength. Inevitbly, I end up either with severe fibro pain or with bronchitis, which leads to my lungs filling up.

    I have found out that I just cannot do anything where I have to leave the house more than once a week. I can't take classes of any type, without getting sick. That is one reason I can't work: I can't do anything consistently, anymore.

    I'm glad you can, and that others can.

  11. lucy1953

    lucy1953 New Member

    I have thought about very seriously joining a place like Curves for working out- I am afraid I won't be able to cope with that comittment. I walk approx. 1 hour per day but I know I should do more- sometimes I wonder how I get through 40 hours of work every week let alone committing to working out. My muscles hurt every day as if I had a good work out.
  12. YvonneM

    YvonneM New Member

    All of the posts are very interesting: from the good bad and the ugly..... like you all said we are all different.
    So far, 2 visits, and feel a tad better... My therapist is awesome. Very very understanding,empathetic, professional and a great sense of humor.... I am set up for 3 x per week for 3 weeks, and then we will take it from there.. One day at a time.
    9 days ago I also began a healthier life style, No sugar, trans fats, high fructose or polysaturated fats. Down 7 pounds. This will also help the ole muscles....
    This is all a process, and I have to take control and do my part with this also..... I am truly trying. 53 and want my life back! Usually I just work right through the pain, because that is just who I am, but better choices and a positive attitude and to remember to just BREATHE helps me. Thanks sooo much for all of the incouragement and input.
  13. wyattsmom

    wyattsmom New Member

    I have been in PT since February. I was in the therapy pool every week up until last week. When I got out of the pool, I felt almost pain free. I am now trying exercises on land. My PT said we will still do a day n the pool once a week. It has really helped me. I have heard not to go in a pool that has cold water. The pool I use is set at 96 degrees.
  14. momof471

    momof471 New Member

    I am currently in week 3 of a 4 week pain rehab program geared toward fibro patients. I have had previously bad experience with physical therapy and was scared to start, but I gave this a chance, I have no other choice as I can not take pain meds, I do take Lyrica which helps with the nerve pain. I still have pain but I am looser and feeling more in control of things, they don't promise you'll be pain free, but they do teach you many coping techniques. There is group counseling sessions as well, which is more like education on how this happened to us and other chronic pain issues. I feel much better than 3 weeks ago and It does hurt sometimes but this time for me , working through it is having great rewards, physically and emotionally. I know I can handle this illness now.
  15. YvonneM

    YvonneM New Member

    we all sound like we do the best we can, and that we are all fighters... all of us! None of us are quitters.
    I take one day at a time.... I do work,and I do try and pace myself, some days better than others. I refuse to let this get the best of me! I just REFUSE! Thanks for the responses...

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