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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by scoop, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. scoop

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    Hi Everyone,

    Everytime i start physical therapy i get Bursitis everywhere! First it was in my left shoulder now it is in my right and my bursa is inflamed in my leg. Tried Bextra had a terrible reaction in my stomache.

    For years in P.T. this has been my problem my Bursa's inflame everywhere in my body. Anti inflammatories don't work because of having reactions and they never help with the inflamation and pain anyways! I am taking Bromelein and ginger as natural ones.

    I know with FM we cannot do intensive physical therapy but really do need some kind of strengthening because i am down to 108 pounds and my muscles have already started to atrophy. I have a refrigerator door opener and some doors i am not even strong enough to open, including my wooden front door. I have to go out my back door because that one i can open!

    This has been my battle though for seven years of different rounds of PT.

    Just wondering if anyone else has had trouble with Bursa's in their body inflaming everywhere or if anyone has any suggestions. Even my doctors don't know what to do and i usually can reasearch and atleast come up with something but this one has me stumped for years!

    I appreciate any input, thanks
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  2. Dayle

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    how much you are suffering, You are right. You need to exercise. I had injured myself & was unable to do any thing. When I was in the hospital I was told by the therapist; there, to just walk. Even if it was just a short walk. Beleive me it was I could hardly walk from my bed to the hall at first. But I put ice on my injury & SLOWLY ,,,,SLOWLY improved. When I got home I started going to our neighbour hood pool. I just did what I could & was very careful. I am getting better. I hope you will too.
    Love, D
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  3. klutzo

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    Have you tried eating at least two tablespoons of raw, chopped garlic daily? It's a great anti-inflamatory and keeps away vampires too!
    Hope you feel better,
  4. scoop

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    Hi Dayle,Spacee and Klutzo,

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried walking and unfortunately i get so far and the fascia lata syndrome comes back in my leg. Tried the water therapy and loved it but unfortunately i had reactions to Chlorine and Bromelein in the therapy pool and was told by my doctor not to go in pools anymore. I am taking garlic, thank you though.

    Any information is helpful and still helpful if you or anyone else thinks of any other suggestions. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond.

    Thanks, hope you all have a good day
    Take care