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  1. LindaJones

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    I went to my first physical therapy appointment.
    I was very impressed.
    The physical therapist took a thorough history.
    We will be doing strengthening exercises and walking on treadmill.
    The physical therapy center was recommended by a local fibromyalgia support group.
  2. kellygirl

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    That's great that you found one that helped you. My experience has been one that I am over-exercised. It's important to have a PT that understands Fibromyalgia and one that does not generalize all patients.

    Now I am trying seated Yoga. I will try everything til I find what works for me.

    My grandson, who is 17 months old has provided me with a lot more exercise during the day. We go out and I do have to lift him at times, which hurts, but I do it. My big dog, too, has to be walked.

    It is so important to get this exercise each day.