Physician's Statement for Disability Retirement

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    Will anyone out there who has filed for federal disability retirement under CSRS or FERS consider sharing their physician's statement of disability with me? I am seeing one of the only two Rheumatologists in Anchorage, Alaska, and he is so busy with severely ill patients I am afraid he won't include all the applicable fibro circumstances that cause me to not perform my job up to standard anymore. If I could show him a sample that someone else has used that may be helpful, especially if OPM accepted your application. I don't need your name or personal information. Many and sincere thanks!
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    I, too, am in the process of applying for Disability. I have found great information in a book called FIBROMYALGIA AND CHRONIC MYOFASCIAL PAIN SYNDROME (A Survival Manual) by Devin. J. Starlanyl, MD and Mary Ellen Copeland. It costs around $20 but I have found it very helpful. PGs 333-347 Forms you can copy and use.

    Be very specific, "I can sit for 10 minutes without pain" "I am unable to hold a hairdryer to dry my hair" "I can walk 150 ft before tiring and pain sets in"

    Please keep us posted on your process, it's definitely not an easy one.

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    I have a very good "functional capacity assessment" form that I was given by the Vocational Rehabilitation Department. My doctor filled it out and I do believe it was this form that helped me win my SSD case. If you are interested send me a post and I will have to get your e-mail addresses and see if I can forward it to you.