physiotherapy with laser?

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    Saw my doc today and she recommended physio for the heel spurs/plantar fasciitis.

    There's a new physiotherapy place opened up not too faraway so I called in on the way home. I always look for things lose to home if poss b/c I hate driving.

    This place does physio with lasers as well as the more traditional exercises etc. They say they want to get you pain free and moving as soon as possible. The list of conditions they treat includes the foot problems I have, as well as hips and backache etc etc.

    Their brochure also mentions FM.

    Does anyone have experience of physio, esp with laser, for pain relief? Was it of any benefit for pain?

    I would certainly like to try something non-pharmaceutical. But it has quite the price tag and I don;t have insurance (some private insurance plans here cover physio). I don;t mind paying if it is likely to help...
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    anyone? please?