picked up elavil, if i knew.....

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  1. b~kay~b

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    hi everyone i borrowed money to pick up my elavil a new prescription for me to try now the other meds i get usually cost me about 40-50 and even 60 buck it only cost me 3 bucks if i knew that i could have scraped that up out of my wallet 3 days ago but what a relief i hope it works for that kinda money i just dont wanna gain any more weight i havent lost the weight from the gabapentin that was a 50 lb gain there i dont need any more booty i can hardly breathe and the farthest i can walk is down my drive way across the street to my inlaws and then my husband has to drivre me back on top of it its not like a nice brisk walk i stopp to get composure i freeze up and blah blah blah by the end of this hit and miss on meds i wont recognize myself. hopefully it works on the pain depression and sleep then i can work on excercise. wow 3 bucks and ive been staying up all night since it was prescribed duh im so excited i might get sleep tonight yippy yay im flipping yay Bkay
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    hey!!!---my name is laura----------nice to meet you--------read your post-----------i was just wondering-----------what is elavil and what is it rx for???--------ive heard of it---------just dont know what it is!!!!-------------im glad it was inexspensive and i hope it works!!!!take care-----------love to all------laura
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    Elavil is Amitriptaline. Another antidepressant5 that will help you sleep pretty well is Tarozodone (I don’t know the brand name).Tarozodone is about 4 or 5 bucks a month. I take them both.
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    hi laura and bill just like bill said there. and the only thing im nervous about is it wont work and the weight gain but i want to think positive because the price is good. and the doc said he can add trazadone to it later as well but wnts to see how this affects me first. take care bkay