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    I'm back. I missed y'all. Just been dealing with allergies and heat and humidity and air conditioning and severe dry eyes. The temps went from 60's -- to almost 90 with high humidity. Ugh. I hate this weather.

    Anyways, here's a game to ponder. I'll call it "PICS FROM THE PAST". I may have to split it into two volumes. I don't know how many pics I can post on a single thread! LOL

    Good Luck! I'm sure y'all will guess them. Share some memories if you remember the pics.



    PICTURE 1:

    PICTURE 2:

    PICTURE 3:

    PICTURE 4, Part 1

    PICTURE 4, PART 2:

    LOOK FOR PART 2 ---- To be posted as sooooon as I can.
    Diane :)
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    Hi Diane

    Even healthy people would have trouble with 90 degree heat and high
    humidity. Will try and post some guesses for your quiz, but the computer
    is acting up.

    1 is a clock or a clock and barometer. Hard to tell.
    2 looks like a candy apple. Or maybe it's a straw in an exotic glass.

    3 is a Shaker clothespin.
    4 is a deep fryer.

    5 is an early dishwasher.

    I'll let GB tackle part two.
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    Hi y'all --

    You got almost all of them! :)

    I went to wiki and found "American Inventions".


    Picture 1: BANJO CLOCK

    Picture 2 is indeed a candy apple. Oh, I used to love those!!!!

    Picture 3: Wiki calls this a wooden clothespin, not to be confused with a Shaker Clothespin.

    I can remember helping my mom and grandma hanging clothes outside, using wooden clothespins. Sheets and blankets smelled so wonderful, from the fresh air.

    Pictures 4/1 and 4/2 are related. They are dishwashers! The first one is manual; the second is electric.

    I never had a dishwasher growing up, until I moved into my own apartment in the early 80's. Later on in my life, my dad and I were manual "dishwashers", and cooks and prep cooks, etc. Especially when preparing a Thanksgiving meal. LOL

    Great guessing y'all! I've missed being on the Board.

    Hugs, Diane