PID-Pneumococcal response test

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    Hello, I am going to Drs. Office to get all the main tests for PID.

    Some tests that are mentioned are scaring me. Can anyone add some insite to these tests? With the Pneumococcal vaccine test, they give you the vaccine and then see how your body reacts if I understand it correctly. Well, I am scared of vaccines because my body is such a mess that they don't work right in my body. But I know I need to prove some kind of antibody response. My body has no reaction with antibodies I am sure of it. If I get an infection it just sits in my body and my body never attacks it.

    There is another test called Specific antibody response (tetanus, dipheria) and I am afraid to do this test too.

    Any other antibody test that are affective for diagnosis?

    Please any help here with opinions and suggetions? Thank you, Karen
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    I don't know what this is.....I had something called PID once, but it stood for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. What does this stand for? What are you trying to have diagnosed with these tests? I have been on this Board a long while, but never heard of this one.
    Sorry I can't help....I looked at this post because you have the exact same name as my best friend, so it caught my eye!
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    Hello, sorry I wrote this time in the subject line what PID stands for. I am hoping someone will read my post and answer it. Thank you, Karen