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  1. for a lab in Spain to have a test done. I believe it is for mycoplasm. Pilar mentions it is a test done on gulf war veterans. She hopes maybe there is a lab here she could contact.
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    Its that bit i found confusing i gathered Pilar said she had fibromyalgia but i couldnt determine whether she was looking for research place or was doing research for mycoplasma.

    Many thanks again

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    Yeah, can see the problem shes right they dont do that particular test in spain, shes not the only one enquiring there appears to be quite a few spanish people asking the same question. All i can find are home test kits and i dont know how reliable they are.

    I've read its relation to fibro and gulf war can understand why shes asking now

    Researched some more the only way she can get tested is for her doctor to send the test to another country. Not sure if they can do that, or how much it would cost, maybe just research "labs that test for it" and give her the details, cant think of find anything else. There are london labs that carry out the test but i should imagine she is asking america because it would probably be less expensive? Im all out here of ideas.....


    Found a site that lists labs that carry out the test blood has to be transported within 24 hours, gave Pilar the internet address.

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