Pilates does anyone do it?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mjwarchol, Jul 30, 2008.

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    Does anyone here do Pilates? If so do you have a DVD that you recommend? Has it helped?

    I have back pain constantly from poor posture and deconditioning. I had heard that this is great for core strength. I have no energy and my muscle strength is getting worse and worse.

    Also, I don't use a balance ball anymore. I use the "bean" which doesn't slip around as much on me. Thanks for any helps.

    M J
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    I used to do pilates when I had fibro without the CFS. I was lucky that my physiotherapist used to run classes so she could keep an eye on what exercises I could or couldn't do. I did enjoy going to it and got up to advanced level but then had to drop back to the intermediate level as it got too much - I would ache afterwards.

    It is great for core strength and it probably helps things such as back pain, costochondritis and many others. It involves lots of stretching and using your stomach muscles so you reamin more upright. I think it did help me when I as able to do it and if I could do it again then I would. Just don't overdo it and take it easy the next day.

    I have a gym ball that I ocassionally use but I have seem to ahve lost all my pilates muscles!

    I would find it dificult watching a video whilst trying to do the movements and it may be best going to an exercise calss if you can - its more motivating to and very often people with back pain etc go to them. Just be sure to tell the teacher your problems and say you have to take things esy so not to overdo it.

    I have a very fragile neck so had to be careful with those exercises particularly repetitive ones and my physio used to tell me not to do certian exercises as it woud be too mcuh.
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    I do pilates at home. I have the Windsor Pilates DVD's that I bought from an infomercial. I had them for a few years and only used them occasionally. Now that I have be diognosed with FM I am trying to use them at least every other day. I like to do the DVD's at home so I can go at my own pace on days I am hurting more. I do recomend that you try it. It is easy on the muscles and relaxing. I have even gotten my boyfriend to try it...he likes it :)

    I have been doing some swimming in an outdoor pool lately and that does help also. In the fall I am planning to take a water aerobic class or swimming class at the local community college. You might want to try that also.

    Lori :)

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