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  1. nvstella

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    I recently saw a physical therapist who uses pilates for FMS. Has anyone tried this? If so has it been effective?
  2. lin21

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    I wrote on these boards months ago about a woman who called in to a pilates instructor on TV and I thought it was one of the best things I've heard about being disabled. The instructor told the woman not to look at ourselves as being disabled but as being challenged.
    As a person who always worked out before I got sick I want to begin pilates, I know it will be helpful . I have only gotten up to two times a week as far as exercise, it seems like every time I try to go further I put myself in a flare.
    So I suggest anything "we" do we do very slowly.
  3. nvstella

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    I have FMS. I'm 53 and I have had it for 17 years. i have never tried kick boxing or Tae Bo