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  1. OuchyMama

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    Has anyone tried Pilates? Did you find it helpful? Thanks
  2. Mikie

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    Pilates looks deceptively easy but is very difficult. Like Yoga, though, it uses gentle movements and you build up to the most demanding exercises. You can start out slowly at your own pace.

    I do believe it is difficult to learn Pilates from a video because breathing and flexing of certain muscles are vitally important to doing the exercises properly.

    I have found that many of the exercises are extremely hard on the back. Unless you have very strong stomach muscles, I believe back injuries could be a real problem.

    Love, Mikie
  3. joannie1

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    I am doing pilates however I am doing it with my physical therapist. she has warned me not to do only but three sets of things per day. She believes with us working very slowly with it, it will help with my muscle weakness I have all over my body. She is also a massage and myfascial release therapist. So we do a few exercises and then she does all the massage things after that to help with the muscles that got bound up from it. We began exercises for my abs yesterday only six stretches, believe it or not and my stomach is horribly sore today so you really need to be causious with it and I would suggest you only do it under Doctor's care or PT care.
    Good luck.
  4. dsames

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    I too have been wondering about Pilates. Would probably have bought one yesterday, but couldn't find it in the local Wally store.

    If it can cause back problems, think it was a blessing in disguise. I have been walking my treadmill, 7 minutes at a time, trying to work up to a good rate, and ride my exercise bike. It does make one have a little more energy.
    Probably one of those things that get worse before we get better.

    The secret to exercise for us is to start s l o w ly, and work up gradually.

    Have a great day everyone.
  5. Flibble

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    I have tried pilates and it hurt me alot. I am very physically fit and I found the positions that they put you in are hard on the body or at least my body. I tried it for a week and had to take a month off my regular routine just to recover from stresses and stains. But everyone is different and you might really get something out of it. Good Luck! Flibble
  6. KristyW

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    I do the winsor pilates. I got 3 videos for it the basic (which shows you the movements slowly and breathing technique) the 20 minute workout and the advanced. I did the 20 minute workout for about 6 weeks and it took the edge of the pain off a little bit. I tried the advanced but WOW way to long and moves that i never knew someone could do with their body. I could not do the advanced. I stopped doing the pilates and started walking on the tread mill about 1 mile every other day. I am going to get back into the pilates and do it three times a week and the tread mill. You do have to start out Very Slowly.....then work you way up. I do like the 20 minute workout, but the advanced is for someone who is VERY VERY flexible.

    Good Luck

  7. kredca4

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    so I watched a class that is across the street from a Friend of mine, who lives in the Downtown area, a mix of Homes and Business's.
    Anyway, as I waited for my bus, I peeked through the window, a big Baywindow, that lets you see it.
    What I saw, was mainly Ballet and Jazz Movements/Warm-up's.

    I use to do thoes way back when, but there is no way in Heck that I can now bring my body striaght up in the air, with my hands supporting my shoulders and neck, about mid back, just below the angel wings, lol, then, bend the knees, and bring them down to your ear's. You have to do this very slowly, it does stretch the spine, but if done wrong it can cause damage.

    So if you are doing this, find out the background of the Teacher/Coach, if they have some background in Dance, you should be in good hands. I know of 2 of my ex dance teachers teach this at their Studios, saw the signs advertising the classes. How times change.

    Gee I wish my body would move that way again, but after so many Operation's, I'm lucky to move about as well as I do.

    Have some fun, if you are able to do this type of Excerise, it is a Great way to Stretch and Tone the Muscles, just Don't Push yourself, go slowly, baby steps.

  8. Mikie

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    That Pilates was developed for dancers. Professional dancers are the best conditioned athletes of any sport. Most professional athletes could not do what dancers do. Dancing is very demanding.

    Kitty Carlisle Hart was on the Today show this week. She is 92 and walks with a cane, but she was doing a Pilates move which is very hard on the back. She has been fit and working out her whole life. She is an amazing woman and one of my all time favorite celebs.

    Love, Mikie