Pillows, Pillows, Pillows!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Lexied, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. Lexied

    Lexied New Member

    I was just wondering how many FM sufferers live their lives surrounded by pillows like I have for the past 2 years!
    My recliner is piled with them... 2 under my knees + 2 on each side of my hips + 2 pinned to the back of my chair to cushion my back + 1 travel pillow behind my head so it won't "bobble" = 7 PILLOWS just to be able to sit in my chair!! If that's not enough, my poor husband has to sleep with a "pile" of them! I have 1 jumbo pillow under my calves + 2 under my knees & upper legs + 1 under my neck & head = 4 PILLOWS that share the bed with me & my husband!
    That's a lot of room taken up in our Queen Size Bed in addition to ME of course (a much larger version since FM)!!
    I have to joke about this so that I won't start to cry. I have tried so many times to eliminate at least some of the pillows that now share my space, but it didn't work. As a matter of fact I've sent my husband to K-Mart just to get me 2 more (they had Martha Stewart's on Sale) and I wanted to get them before she's forced to pull her merchandise out of the store! (HA) I hope that I'm not the only person that "pads" their pad! If there's anyone out there who isn't too embarrassed to share your pillow story PLEASE write me back so I won't feel so alone...

    Love - Lex the "Pillow Queen"
  2. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    I have two always on my bed..then I have a stack of 4 next to the bed..they come in and out depending on the ache of the moment..and it isn't unusual for that to happen several times a night. If I have to get up for any reason..I have to walk carefully, not knowing which of my pillows have landed in my path! I think that it is a just one of the things that we need to do to make ourselves comfy...and I do want to try one of the memory foam pillows..they look like they would feel great. Just ordered a foam topper for my bed..hoping that helps as well. Don't worry about the pillows...that is a soft outward sign to people around you that something hurts!
  3. pattipatsdd

    pattipatsdd New Member

    I'm certain you have lots of company....I use whatever I need @ the moment...I've even had to use pillows under my arms to drive...you might look for buckwheat hull pillows...you can zip them open & get a total custom fit @ the neck........I couldn't live without mine...good luck
  4. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    First aquarose I am ROFLMAO! My spouse doesn't have a sense of humor either so it really hit home.

    I sleep with 3 and have 2 in the car for where ever, whenever you all know the drill.

    I paid $80 for one of those memory foam pillows a few years ago and couldn't use it. The compression of the foam made it feel hard to me. To each his/her own!

    I am always looking for the next pillow, thinking that I can find one that will take away this stupid pain and help me sleep better at night. If anyone finds the "golden" pillow please call me at 1-800-FEEL-GOOD! LOL
  5. Notonline

    Notonline New Member

    ...4 huge and 1 small in the living room for the recliner and sofa...1 body pillow, 3 reg, plus my big old featherbed stacked on the bed (and I could still use just one more pillow)...hubby has two pillows of his own...and there's h*$$ to pay if he steals any of mine at night. LOL

    Who are these people that only sleep with one pillow?? I can't even imagine!

    I also have a thing for really soft cotton & flannel too...gotta have that soft.

    This probably adds to the reason why I never travel anymore...can't leave the featherbed, the pillows, and the cuddly sheets and blankets : )

    Take care
  6. teach6

    teach6 New Member

    Before I dx'd and had decent pain relief I took bags of pillows with me wherever I went. I used them to drive and even while using the electric cart at the grocery store. Now I mostly use them at night, or when I travel.

    At night I start with a bed wedge, which helps keep my BP lower while I sleep (I have NMH), then I have a memory foam pillow for my head, a regular pillow for my top arm to rest on (can't sleep on my back, too much pain), and a smaller one between my legs.

    When I travel I can actually get my bed wedge into my large bag, especially when I unzip it to make it two inches deeper. I also have an inflatable pillow to use on the plane, or in the car, but I haven't gone on a car trip. I also have an inflatable pillow for my lower back. I take my memory foam pillow and that's it!

    When I visited my son in his tiny apartment I took my own bed. It's an aerobed, so it was all rolled up until I got there.

    I also keep a collapsible footstool in my purse to keep my knees above my hips. That's due to my NMH, again.

  7. shoshi68

    shoshi68 New Member

    lol :) too many to count. my poor husband has to climb up onto my side of the bed to kiss goodnight! remember the story of the princess and the pea? i say she had fm... lol. sigh... i'm still not falling asleep, but not too uncomfortable.

  8. spmary

    spmary New Member

    Yes, I use pillows even when I go to friends 'houses ro play bridge. I'm addicted to he heating pad too. So far haven't used that at bridge club, but may. Do anything that helps you. Had first isit with arthritis doc yesterday. Asked about all meds and then asked how much I take,when I said the bottle says two, she said but how many do you take? She asked that with every pill mentioned. Made me feel like a child. She had alot of mgazines in her office about Fm so I swiped one. She insists I have ostoporosis, althouth I'm had 2 bone density tests taht said my bones were off the chart good. Doesn't believe it so I've got to have the tests again
    lol..I was so tired when I got home, I sort of half way fixed supper went straight to bed and slept until 2 A M. Now still up at 5:30...Enough about me, you use and enjoy your pillows..Good look, lol Mary
  9. Lumare41

    Lumare41 New Member

    My family is in the habit of giving up there pillows as soon as i walk into the room.My eight yr.old twins call me the pillow snatcher!I have to always have a pillow behind my back no matter wear I sit.I once was caught with a pillow belted to my back because I got tired of every time I got up to check on dinner having to adjust it.Well my kids Thought this was the funniest thing they ever saw.I have 2 pillows under my head at night,2 behind my back depending on what side I sleep on,and my huge body pillow that fits between my knees and I hug all night.My husband refers to him as the other guy.LOL I Love My Pillows!!!!
  10. Takesha

    Takesha New Member

    What? I think it's a draw folks. Count me in...I love my pillows. I have pillows for this, pillows for that, pillows here, pillows there, pillows down to there ( hey you could kind of sing that to the music of "Hair" remember that one?) and now that I am headed back to school, I am taking a pillow along with me ( kind of a plump for my rump). I am going to have to find a support group for pillow addiction pretty soon. Even MY DOG hates me, because he likes to lay on the couch with his sweet little head on a pillow and I have them all. I've even started making hand painted pillows to sell...I love them, so should everyone else right?
    Seriously though, when we need a little extra cushion they are wonderful and why not? They even make "Pillow top" mattresses now. I think instead of going for the "gold" we should all go for the "down".
    I hope this put a smile on your face! Lex, Lex..LEX, WHERE ARE YOU LEX ..I can't find her folks...she must be hiding behind that stack of pillows.
  11. Lexied

    Lexied New Member

    I KNEW I wasn't alone in my pile of pillows!! In reading all your stories I have realized that we "can't get enough of the FLUFF!" These posts are HILARIOUS!! Thank yall for helping me find some humor to take the edge off all the pain. I'm praying that we will ALL find a soft place to land!

    Love - Lex
  12. kredca4

    kredca4 New Member

    I also have 2 Mattress on my bed. It's easier to get in and out of bed that way for me. Plus it does seem more comfortable that way. The bottom one is Hard and the top is softer. I think I'm going to get a new top one tho, it's been awhile.

    Also about Pillow's, you should change them every 6 months, according to a website that I was reading on the subject of Allergy's. Dust mites and Molds are a Big problem for me, so I do change them, but I rotate, I by one a month, the cheap kind at Wallyworld, but they work just as well.

    I too have all shapes and some are Firm and others are soft. (kinda like my body lol)
    I could not use the ones that I bought from an Informercial, I gave them to a Friend who could. She gave me a Fablous Feather Pillow, I spray it with the New Fabrzee, the one for Allercy's, dosen't make me sick and there's no heavy odor.

    I don't have a Problem with to many Fragences right now, and it sure does get rid of the stale smell in the room's, Hubby smokes outside, but the smell clings to his clothes and bedding, and if I spray while he's at work, I don't have a Stinky House.

    Oh yeah we were talking about Pillow's, lol, see how the mind can Drift, been doing it all day, ruined a Pot of Spegetti(sorry but the spellings shot too). Making a New batch, this afternoon, maybe, if hubby comes home early. lol. He will more than likely find me Laying in Bed with all my Pillows, Hoefully Sleeping. So no cooking till he's in the House.

  13. beeleaf

    beeleaf New Member

    Pillows, teddy bears, socks filled with rice (great for heating in microwave and applying to sore spots), and a couple of cats.

    Do those body pillows really help?

  14. teatea

    teatea New Member

    hi every one this is tea tea i have not been on much as my computore was so old any way got new one and hear i'm i would likt to now where to get a buck weat pillow as i had one four years ago and it wore out i live in canada and can not find them hear ihave bought pillows of every kind plese help
    alsohave had fibo and chronic fatigue for 11 years i get head aches and take furinol there great ,thanks teatea