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  1. birdkeeper

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    Can anyone suggest a good pillow I've tried many and still wake up in pain. I didn't seem to have much luck with the memory foam pillows, when I awoke in the morning it was flat..

    Please help
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    that I found is the "Comfort-U". It is a large U shaped pillow filled with fossfill-a manmade material that`s the closest thing to natural synthetic. It is machine washable and fluffs up time after time. I have used this pillow for about 15 months now and I love it! It supports you from head to toe. It cost $95.00 but is well worth every penny.
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  4. birdkeeper

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    Thanks everyone, I will check them out. At this point I would give up a weeks worth of pay to find the right pillow. My neck and back hurts so bad I would try anything. Last night I rolled up a big bath towel and but it in the end of a pillow case. I slept like a baby. May be it wasn't the make shift pillow, it could have been that I was so exhausted.

    Thanks a bunch
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    Look for the millenium pillow at this site. I've been using the same one for 3 years now (along with the matress) and it is like new.


    This is the original product, designed by NASA and is nothing like the imitations that you can now find.

    The millenium one slots under your shoulders and doesn't strain your neck at all. It also has a 5 year guarrantee.

    Hope this helps
  6. hurtin2much

    hurtin2much New Member

  7. mosherpit

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    I have been using the Buckwheat shell pillow for several years now and I LOVE them. I can shape it to conform around me, kind of pricey, but like someone else said for a good nights sleep it is worth lots of $$$$. I have found them at JC PEnney and on line...

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