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  1. JaneG

    JaneG New Member

    Anyone got any special advice on what pillow helps you sleep better?

    My fibro really affects my neck and shoulders and I was hoping that maybe a better type of pillow would help--at this point, I wish anything would help!!!

    Can't seem to sleep on my side anymore, which is my favorite position, cause the hips are so tender and sore. Can't get comfortable on my back and have been sleeping on my stomach with an old pillow stuffed under my turned- to-the side head - not really comfortable. I figured someone out there will have the answer on a pillow - you haven't let me down yet! Smiles - JaneG
  2. enivalorac

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    I always use a V shaped pillow for my neck .. it looks a bit wierd but it gives your neck the right amount of support when laying down or if you have to sit up in bed a lot .. ((( hugs))) Carol
  3. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    I don't think I could sleep on my stomach. I, too, have pain in my neck, back, and hips. I have a long, thin pillow that is flat on one side and rounded on the other. It is made of foam. It can be used three ways-under the knees (when on your back), under the neck (when on your back), or between your knees (when laying on your side). I know you said that some of these positions were uncomfortable for you, but maybe the pillow will help. As for the pillow for my head, I always use a foam pillow. I can't stand the other kinds of pillows-they get too flat for me and really bother my neck. Since doing this I haven't had as much trouble with morning stiffness as I did. I used to have such a hard time getting out of bed and walking first thing in the morning.

    Another thing I do is use ice packs-the gel kind that are reusable. I have three in the freezer. I take two to bed-I put one between my neck and pillow and the other on my back (whatever area hurts the most). The third pack I keep in the freezer. It's my spare in case I awake in the night and need another pack. I find that the cold helps numb the painful area. I also take my pain and sleep medications an hour before bedtime to give them time to work. It helps me get more sleep than I did before, although it doesn't always help me have a good night. But any improvement is better than nothing.

    Hope this helps!

  4. granmama

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    I prefer an all down pillow for my head. I cannot tolerate a pillow that won't work with me. I like to scrunch it during the night.
    Then, I have a flat pillow between my knees, a small travel pillow next to my abdomen, then one folded in half, to support my back and I sleep on my right side.
    Now, that is 4 pillows to operate during the night. If I get up to go to the bathroom, I have to do the ritual over again and get back into position. My poor hubby, I still wonder how he puts up with all the motion during the night.
    He has suggested twin beds....ya think that was a subtle hint???
    But, the 4 seem to do the trick by supporting areas that are the weakest.
    Hope this helps,
    granmama hugs to you,
  5. teach6

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    My back hurts too much to sleep on it and I gave up sleeping on my stomach when I was pregnant (long ago). I now sleep on my side with a firm good fiberfill pillow (gave up down for my allergic ex). I use one pillow for my head, one to support my upper arm and one between my legs, which I bend at the knees.

    I also use a heated mattress pad on my pillowtop mattress. Until I got the heated pad I used an additional foam pad on top of my mattress, but I worried about it getting too warm with the mattress pad. Now that I've had the pad for a year I don't think it would, but it takes too much work to put it back on!

  6. amilyne

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    hi jane ..i also am a side sleeper ..have you tried a chiropractic pillow its good for side sleepers and i also have problems with my neck in that i get really bad headaches due to my muscles pinching on my nerves in my neck and ever since ive had this pillow its been much better ..the pillow is a foam like material and on either side it raises where your neck would be so that there is more support..and dips down in the middle like a valley for your head to go...they range anywhere from 20$ up to more than 70$...mine is a 25 dollar one and it works just fine ..just do a search on chiropractic pillows and you'll probably find one..i found mine actually at walgreens..i did buy one that was a "cloud pillow" and i do not recommend that particualr one though..it wasnt compfy at all...hope that helps.
  7. starstella

    starstella New Member

    a frequent probem of mine. What kind of suface are you sleeping on? You may need to put something extra on your mattress. I happen to use a cuddle ewe (soft wool fibers)matress cover over my mattress and it is wonderful for all of those tenderpoints on my hips. The cuddle ewe is expensive--I rationalized the cost by thinking about the number of hours I was spending on it--but someone may have other suggestions for a soft sleeping surface. Maybe even one of these "egg crate" matress covers that are sold in many stores especially when kids are getting ready to go sway to college. Anyway, with my cuddle ewe, my round cervical pillow, and a hot pack on the hip facing up, I can sleep on my side. The position you describe sounds like it would give me trigger points in my neck and shoulders. Good luck!
  8. helg41@aol.com

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    I had the same problem with my neck. Just couldn't get into a comfortable position to sleep and then wake up rested. I bought a foam pillow at Costco, I think it was 25$. It is like a wave, one side is a little rounder than the other and you can turn the pillow to wichever side feels better for you at any moment. It takes a little getting used to it but now it is the only pillow I can sleep on, and my neck doesn't feel so stiff in the morning. I also just recently bought a heated mattress cover. It is really wonderful and eases my bodypains. I still need Ambien 10 mg plus Trazodone and Celexa 20 mg.but I seem to be able to get a decent night sleep without a hangover feeling. So far these things have helped me to feel better during the day. It all changes in the late afternoon and by 10 PM I'm ready to go back in my warm beddy!
    I'm new here, this is the first time that I actually was able to log on. What I read so far was very informative. Thanks to all of you and I hope we all have better days coming.
  9. pam_d

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    Someone mentioned one---I so badly wanted to be able to use one! If you can try one out (w/pillowcase) before spending the $$ (they aren't cheap), do so ---I purchased one, then the foam smelled so bad I couldn't use it; those who have weird allergies or chemical sensitivities will have a problem. They tell you how to rid the pillow of the chemical smell (involves rolling tightly, etc) but didn't help (and many of us with FM are hyper-sensitive to these things). I ended up giving mine away to a friend......too bad, I think it's well designed, but foam is foam, not a natural product...

    Good luck! Hope you get better sleep!

  10. karen55

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    chiropractic pillow for my neck, and I also have a pillow that is shaped to go between your legs, right above your knees. It keeps your knees from pressing against each other and aligns your lower back (for side sleepers). Despite the hip and knee pain I have, I cannot sleep on my back since I had disk surgeries because I get that sciatic nerve pain from the pressure and also when I sleep on my back my arms and hands go numb. Thankfully I've never had any odor from my pillow.

  11. jesuslover

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    I've been using a regular pillow under my knees for the past several weeks. It is really doing well. I, too, have pain in my neck and head if I don't sleep the right way. I lie on my back and just put the pillow under my knees. I seem to fall asleep faster, too.

    Nancy S.
  12. Kurt

    Kurt Member

    I tried the chiropractic pillow and I did not like it. I found myself stealing my girlfriend’s pillow. I use a special foam pillow now. A lot of people refer to the foam as memory foam pillow. I am sure that you can purchase them from different places; I bought mine from Select Comfort. My cousin recommended them after he injured his neck, so I gave it a try. After a few nights, my girlfriend was stealing my pillow! The pillows are expensive; I paid $90.00 FOR A PILLOW! Sometimes they have buy one and get the second half off. Anyways, the memory foam pillow worked for me. If you have a store where you live, you can go in and try one out. My understanding is that some bed stores have them also. You can even buy a bed made from the foam at certain bed stores. From what I hear, they are expensive!!!!! A lady I work with has one and she loves it. I sleep on a bed with an air mattress, and I love it. I spent a lot of time researching what beds are suppose to be the best. I have never seen a study with the memory foam mattress and I don’t have one so I can’t really comment on how good they are. But, the memory foam pillows are really nice.
    Supposedly, air mattresses are the best mattresses to sleep on for a lot of different reasons. I have even read that waterbeds are excellent for Fibromyalgia for different reasons, especially because of the heater. However, waterbeds can cause low back pain. Spring mattresses are supposedly the worst from what I have read. I went out a bought and expensive bed. My doctor told me that for whatever reason, a lot of people with Fibromyalgia can not get a restful sleep, so he recommended that I change various things in my lifestyle, especially the bedroom. I can say that I feel much better, but I also take medication and changed a number of other things in my life. I was in some pretty bad pain, and I figured it is worth the investment to spend a little more for a bed. Supposedly, different beds work for different people. If you spend a little more for a spring mattress, you can minimize the pressure points caused by them. A good mattress may help your hips. Anyways, that is my two cents on the subject matter.
  13. klutzo

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    I have tried them all, and the water pillows have been by far the best for me. You can fill them with a specific amount of water, depending on whether you are a stomach, back or side sleeper, and can change the amt. any time. I would not be without mine as it moves with me and always supports my neck, but without pressing into it like some molded pillows. I have the original Mediflow, but there are some newer, cheaper knock-offs out now that are probably just as good and I've seen them in the drugstores.
  14. fairydust39

    fairydust39 New Member

    Hi Jane,
    Buckwheat hull pillows works best for me. I have allergies and these do not bother me. You can bunch them up under your head and sleep on your side or back
    comfortablely.I even sleep on my stomach!!I have Fibro too.
    Here's a link to read about or buy them.
    Jusy copy and paste this url
  15. Kim

    Kim New Member

    I paid $100. It's a foam chiropractic pillow. It DOES have a smell and I'm chemically sensitive. I wrapped it in a plastic dust mite protective cover and then two pillowcases which eliminated the smell. I have to now sleep on my back and then switch to a larger, softer pillow during the night then back to the other. I'm still experimenting with it.
  16. achy

    achy New Member

    I loved my foam pillow so much i went out and bought the mattress to match. Oh la la...nothing beats it. Soft yet firm support. I have an englander..yes, expensive, but no smells...chemical sensitivity..nothing
    They are hypoallergenic, dust mites hate them!
    Everytim I get in my bed I say ahhhhhhhhhhh. Thanks you God
    Warm fuzzies
  17. talldi

    talldi New Member

    I sleep on /with a neck bone shaped pillow under my head at my neck. They cost about $9 at CVS drug store but also saw them at Kmart. My migraines have been better since using it, even when just sitting in bed.