pinched nerve in neck

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  1. Sheila1366

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    Well went to orthopedic today,by the way she is great.

    She xrayed my neck.No problems that can be seen.But she was 80-90% sure it is a pinched nerve due to an autoimmune disorder.Since my raynauds is so bad and my face looks awful I think everyone thinks I have lupus.

    She has been taking care of me for a long time.She and my reheumy. work togther.

    I have had alot of inflamation in different places and she is concerned,so am I.

    So now I am on on predisone.I go back in 7 days to see how I am doing then I may have to have an MRI.YUCK!

    I finally got some pain meds.I ran out yesterday and it has been rough.My neck hurts so bad I can't even lay my head on a pillow.Just the slight tilt up hurts so bad.I lay on my side with my face flat to the mattress.Thank God for drugs to knock me out atleast most of the time.

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    I can empathize. You must be terribly uncomfortable with pain. I have a ton of arthritis in my neck where I can not hold my head up and I have to call the rheumatologist.
    I feel so sorry you have to go through this. Listen to your doctors: they sound like they are taking great care of you--half the battle.
  3. Sheila1366

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    That does sound like raynauds.It feel like you have been out in the snow without gloves and your finget tips are stinging.My toes are the same way and sometimes my ears and nose get that way.I have been told it has no relation to FM.Just keep gloves on,don't run your hands under hot water it damamges the nerves,keep feet warm,wear a hat outside.Just keep warm.

    Take care,
  4. Cromwell

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    Did she inject the Prednisone. Be careful with it as it can cause stuff. I do hope you get this pinched nerve sorted out. I heard there are treatments. MY ENT thinks my 5th cranial is damaged but I also get the neck and numbness thing.

    Good luck. I get that face rash too, it looks like I put a pile of rouge on both cheeks, everyone says LUpus too, and I was dx'd twice then undx'd three times.

    Love and thanks for all your wishes to me too of late.

    Love AnnC
  5. lin-z

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    I just had a cervical mri because i could not raise my arms above elbow level...horrible sleeping on my side just back . I got heavy drugs but it didnt help. went to a new rheumy and he suspects ra ..gave me a short term dose of prednsione to see if i react positively. Only took one this am and i can feel the difference (or it may be wishful thinking)

    my mri showed def nerve impingement from c4-c-6 and herniation c6-c7. but my legs arent moving either so its more than a neck issue. he tells me the good news is my bone density is that of a 30 yr old (i'm 49). thats cuz i used to exercise all the time no more...good luck to you lindsey
  6. Sheila1366

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    Well life still is crappy right now but I am gonna try to see the bright side right at this moment.May change by the end of this post who knows with me.

    I did not get injected with predisone.Thanks so much for mentioning that.You are right about that stuff.I am taking the dose pack.

    How can you be dx. with lupus then not be?I have heard that before.Not that I want to have lupus but gee I don't want something to fester inside my body and end up having a real problem down the road especially with my kidneys.

    have you noticed how well I am typing?Just kidding .I took my two pair of gloves off so I could type quicker.Hard to hit the keys when your finger tips are about 2 inches wide.This raynauds bites.

    Well,I am still a pain in the neck with now.And fortunate for me my cable is out.Good Lord what am I gonna do all day.LOL! Just kidding.I have to needlepoint a little something for my neice.She is going through a very hard time.Unfortunately her parents are idiots,my sister included.I'll have to take my gloves off for that too.

    Well thanks again everyone.