Pindolol for Dsyautonomia Has anyone been on this Beta Blocker

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Risk, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Risk

    Risk New Member

    Hi. Help. Scared. In addition to the fibro/cfs I have dysautonomia. I'm so highly sensitive to drugs that the smallest amt of anything gives me a reaction. I've been having tons of instability with my b/p and heart rate. Today my pressure was extremely high in the morning with my pulse up to 128. Now my dr. thinks it time to go back beta blockers and this time he wants me to take 2.5mg of Pindolol. Now, I already suffer from anxiety/depression and two of the side effects are anxiety/depression.

    Has anyone taken Pindolol with good results? I have been on Atenolol in the past, corgard, and metoprolol all baby doses.

    I already get the chest pain and I read up on the side effects of the pindolol and it doesn't sound too great.

    Please let me know what your exeperiences have been.

    Thank you!

  2. sweetbeatlvr

    sweetbeatlvr New Member

    i too have FM and dysautonomia, sensitive to drugs, etc...

    my doctor recently did a 24 hr holter monitor, which showed some funky things (i believe the term was POTS (?) going on with my heart, and also while i was in the office the last time my BP was up and my heart rate was up near 150 bpm. (they gave me an EKG in the office, but it appeared fine.)

    my doc said even though the holter moniter showed my heart was "catching up" ok, she thought a beta-blocker would help and prescribed me propranolol 40mg 2x/day.

    the 40 mg dose was definately way too high, knocked me out! (which my doc said, it may be too strong, so we may have to split the doses, which i did).

    i've honestly not noticed any other side effects from it, and my sudden bursts of pounding heart have subsided.

    some weird creatures, FM and dysautonomia, they are!

    just wanted to pipe in w/ my experience.

    i hope you find some relief!

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