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    Hi Pinkquartz

    I know I mentioned asking about progesterone at your next appointment but I'm really more concerned that they don't seem have done anything about your chemical allergies.

    I went to Julian Kenyon there first who faffed around with his wonderful remedies and gave me just tanalbit for my candida. I ended up in such a mess.

    Then I saw David Dowson who immediately put me on medication for my candida plus drops cos I'm allergic to it as well. Then he went through the basic food stuffs and chemicals. So I was put on desenstisation drops for the chemicals straight away too. Candida is notorious for making people very chemically sensitive.

    It may be the difference between NHS and private patients but these problems need to be checked out and treated as well as your adrenal and thyroid problems.

    By the way I am awaiting the arrival of my saliva test kit. Can't sit around waiting for the NHS, the weather's too hot and I need to start doing something about it all very soon.

    Take care now.


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    i think the way it works at the soton clinic depends on which doctor you get to see.

    i have a friend who takes me there in her car, and i rely on her to take notes as i get so wiped out from the journey that i am really out of it, and have forgotten just about everything by the time i get home.

    i know i have brought up about the chemical allergies to the doctor but can't remmber what he has said.
    and i have had drops for my spleen energy. and some homoepathy for my bladder, [touch wood quick that one definately did work!]

    i have worked on the candida what feels like forever but is in fact since 1985 [ oh my god that long!]

    i had a very expensive stool test with the great Smokies 2 years ago and on that i was clear of candida, but i know it can come back easily and so i take garlic every day as one measure to help keep it at bay.
    My diet was very cleaned up.....but in all honesty, with all the stress and worry going on in my life i have slipped up a bit.

    We are thinking the chemical sensitivity could be linked in to a toxic liver and of course my run down adrenals.

    sometimes i take either reduced Glutathione or Bio- I wil Cysteine, either of these really helps my liver to detox more efficiently and i take some when i know i have been exposed to something i have a problem with.

    When i read your post i thought it will be a good idea to make a new list of questions to put to Dr. Clarke and have a review of what kind of responses i get.
    Maybe i will be able to remember the visit a bit more now i am on cortisol. that would be cool !

    I am a little bit nervous of how he will react to finding out i am taking the cortisol and not the supp he prescribed....which i didn't really like the look of, to be honest. Though if i had nothing else i might have tried it.
    Some doctors can be touchy !

    I do remember that i plagued him on every appt. to prescibe the cortisol and he dodged it twice and then finally said no !

    So am so happy my GP was up for it, but because i had to cancel 2 appts Dr Clarke doesn't know yet what i am doing.
    I go to see him next tuesday.
    I can't see that being on the NHS should make too much a difference.

    Dr Clarke did get a blood test done to check out my mercury levels as i was very concerned on that also .
    He said i am showing a low sensitivity which to him means that i continue to avoid new mercury [which i have done for 11 years],, but he recommends that i do not have old fillings removed until i have to.
    He didn't think i would gain anything from having them all out and i could get worse [which happens sometimes] and also i think i have already improved this by already getting rid of 4 old fillings in 2 years and detoxing the mercury with supps.I did this before ever going to Soton
    This is getting very long.....still i guess it shows you some of the ground we have gone over.

    i will definately bring up re the progesterone and also the chemical sensitivites and report back what he says.

    i meant to buy a dictaphone to record the appt......but forgot !! of course

    Why did you stop going to see David Dowson ?

    Glad you will have your saliva test soon.


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    Stopped seeing him essentially because I couldn't afford it anymore and he was moving to Somerset, too far to travel regularly.

    But at that time I had made good progress, I'd been made so ill by hospital blunders and having my amalgams removed incorrectly. I had a lot of treatments but he always kept them as simple and safe as possible. So I thought I could carry on myself from there.

    Didn't recover completely but had a semblance of a life on and off for years after that. This was years ago and I think he had reached the end of what he knew about ME etc as well. When I think of the dreadful state I was in when I first saw him, he and my nutritional doctor did wonders. They always recognised me as being positive so one of the best things about them was they acknowledged this. As a result I didn't have to pay for everything.

    There's so many addresses for David that I'm not sure where he is but I'm going to try to contact him through a clinic in London when my saliva test results are known. If he's up on coagulation then Ill see if he can help. He always said I had chronic infections so he might accept this now. If not I think I'll use one of the US doctor's e-mail services. I cannot risk using the wrong doctor, too many potential hazards in that and I've learnt to be wary over the years.

    Asked about difference in NHS and private patients because Julian Kenyon only does a limited amount when patient's funded by NHS. Just wondered if this applied to Southampton as well.



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