Pinkquartz, question on alternative therapies for FM

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    I read back a few pages and saw the disturbing news that supplements are being taken off the shelves in the UK. But I also saw that you mentioned you had successfully been treated through alternative therapies.

    Could you tell me what has been working for you? I go to a Holistic MD on Thursday and want to be as knowledgable as possible when I go in.

    For that matter, anyone who has gone the holistic route, I'd love to hear what you do.

    I am taking ZMA and Valerian at the moment. The ZMA worked great at the higher male dosage but the Mag gave me the runs. It works less at the women's dosage but now I am only reasonably offensive to people in public, eh hem.

    The Valerian doesn't give me deep sleep but does help me push off most nights. Not tonight.

    I also use Ylang Ylang on a breathe right nose strip, helps keep me down for the night.

    Still I wake up tired and in pain most days. Better than before, though.

    MIld exercise, for me, really really helps.

    I would like to avoid going back on Desipramine and Prozac, simply cause I don't want to take them for the rest of my life.

    Any insight you've got into your plan or anything I could add or change would be very welcome.

    Thanks and sorry about your situation over there.

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    Hi, i'm not sure i can remember exactly what i take...there's so much ! :-}

    Its really good that you are going to a holistic doctor.
    Hopefully he or she will have a plan of action for you.

    i will try and remember what i take:

    I can tell you i take a good multi vit by Thorne called Basic Nutrients.
    I also take extra Vit C as ImmuneC.
    I take a super garlic by Metagenics, who do the most powerful vits and Supp. that i have come across. I believe you can only get them thru a practioner or doctor..

    I was taking an amazing supp by Metagenics called Lipogen.....which enabled me to digest food with Fat in for the first time in over 20 years. Unfortunately this was bannned in the UK at the end of last year.
    Also a Metagenics supp called Cardiogenics really helped with my BP and palpitations...that was also banned last year.
    We have had some luck replacing those with alternatives that do work a bit but not as well.

    I take Leicithin, that also helps me digest fats.

    I take Pottasium but can't remember why

    I take probiotics in the form of Metagenics Ulraprobioplex.....this really helps, digestion and immune system and to ward off candida.
    I take Adrenogen to help strengthen my adrenals.
    I take milk thistle to help my liver.
    and coQ10 to help.....i forget !!
    Also a herbal anti-inflammatory cos my body seems to be always inflammed somewhere.
    Metagenics Compose a herbal blend for when i am extra stressed.
    Also Evening Primrose Oil
    Magnesium Glycinate Its easier on the bowels !!!!, than most other types of magnesium
    Also Iron as i am always low
    I don't think that everything but hey its a lot

    So far i don't have anything from Prohealth but thats cos i have to introduce everything one at a time....and we are still working on the hormones.
    I have been helped a lot with Armour thyroid and recently low dose cortisol.

    I am lots better than i was , but i have been so severely ill for so long that i still have a long way to go.

    I f you can exercise and feel better that is a really good sign that you probably don't have adrenal problems....however i would suggest you get thyroid and adrenals checked out as many of us are low in these hormones..The sooner you can re-balance your body the bettter.
    I must go now i am very tired.......

    please do let me know how you get on on Thursday

    i support you in wanting to not stay on the prozac, but i don't know what to suggest, hopefully your new doc will have an alternative.

    good luck on thursday