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    Hi pinkquartz~~It was so nice to hear from you.

    I've had a rough go of it the past several months, so I haven't been to the Board much. My degenerative disc disease and other back problems, rheumatoid arthritis, and asthma have been getting progressively worse and making life a bit hard on me--plus trying to work and being in and out of the hospital.

    How are you doing? My physician and the specialists I see don't even acknowledge my FM/CFS--only what they can see on the MRI's and x-rays which deal with the DDD, RA, and Asthma. I wonder if the medical community will ever take FM seriously. I think a great deal of the resistence comes from their not knowing how to treat it--and I can understand that because look at all of us who live with it--we're spending our lifetime trying to find something/anything that will help--and what works for one doesn't work for another. And what may work for a while for us often mysteriously stops working. It's a very baffling illness. At least with DDD, RA, and Asthma they have a direction to go in and know how to treat it.

    What are you doing these days? Any plans for the Summer?

    I am just trying to hold onto my job and keep myself going. However, on some good days, I do hope to get out and enjoy some of this Magnificent Country this Summer. So beautiful!

    What do you do for your FM/CFS? Take care of yourself, and I hope you enjoy a Great Summer! Blessings, Carol....
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    Bumping here....
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    Hope you are doing well.?
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    i only just found your message.

    I found it on Google!!!!!!!
    after seeing the post on chitchat board re we are on the www.

    i checked it out of curiousity and found lots of messages to and from me.
    That felt weird !!

    The good part was spotting the message from you which i had missed when you posted.

    I will reply soon.....have to go to bed now really tired out.

    really good vibes :-}