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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pinkrainbow, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. pinkrainbow

    pinkrainbow New Member

    anyone developed adrenal insufficiency, or thyroid problems..i got hypothyroid diganosis as part of cfids(M.E.) 17 years ago, but now have developed addison's..a sometimes fatal illness, where the adrenals, don't secrete enough cortisol(for stress and infection) to sustain life..all along i heard your cortisol is low, your magnesium is low...but just now am wondering, if cfids could be adrenal exhaustion?...guy wrote a book about it too, think it was called adrenal exhaustion, he talks about rather replacing adrenals with artificial cortisone..use diet...
    does anyone else have this..or connect to it..i know most of us are hypo, or even if normal thyroid t4,t3...are treated, just like we have subnormal temperatures, etc..
    i guess i will send an introduction next this is my first day..just found you after all this time!..anyone know about other cfids,cfs, me, fm newsgroups they enjoy, especially in canada?
  2. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    Welcome to the board..........You will find lots of helpful members here............Its like my family .........Do not know of any other boards.

    Sry cant help with your problem.....I have FM and CFS and alot of other problems.


  3. pinkrainbow

    pinkrainbow New Member

    thanks for welcoming me, and telling me how great this group is..i haven't had support for cfids/fm for a it is nice to know i can find possibly find a bit of a home here, with new friends, who share many things in common with me..
    love pinkrainbow
  4. pinkrainbow

    pinkrainbow New Member

    where is the ng located, i live in toronto, ontario canada, and noticed a 2 hour time difference, in replies
  5. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    It is 10:37 here In Rhode Island. USA The sight is west coast time 3 hr differance.

  6. jennbug

    jennbug New Member

    Also Canadian, beautiful B.C. love to hear from fellow canadians as well . Many helpful posts here. jennbug
  7. pinkrainbow

    pinkrainbow New Member

    no i don't have that was diagnosed on a cortisol reading of 39(300-400), and put on cortef 25 mg. qid...
    it's all pretty new to me, but in the first 6 years in bed i remember the cortisol was low, but perhaps not low enough to be addison's..all i know is me and fm are not supposed to be progressive, but i sure as *** am!..and i am terrified...the fear is addisonian crisis..electrolytes out of balance, go into shock, vascular system collapses..if you do a search on the will learn a lot, it secretes dhea and cortisol(balance each other)..aldosterone(balancing electrolytes etc)..the cortisol is for stress and infection...i currently have an abscessed tooth this week and am antiobiotics for that an pneumonia over the weekend, but the stress the last 3 months in finding this all out, and being told i could die, is more stress than i can handle..on my knees alot, and on puter a lot, suppport groups, ino..etc...let me know if you want a link!
    the stuff on prozac frying your brain is fasciniating, unles your brain is fried and you have been on it for 20 years, never thinking that little drug could do stopped working a decade ago, but the other have too many side effects, and when i go off it, i feel really black,depressed, but i feel like that on it these days too..what to do..can't take back time! knowledge is power,(unless you freak yourself out, like i am right now)
    hugs and love
  8. pinkrainbow

    pinkrainbow New Member

    thankyou for your post..i am now over the pneumonia and the abscessed tooth/root canal....the addison's is still on the front burner, and i tried the medialert web site, but don't have the money for it yet...waiting for tax return(last year they refused 10thousand medical expenses, on the ground supplements have to go thru a pharmacy!..not a health food store(which have far superior products, and ones i cannot get at a pharmacy) they want a lot of money back....i fear i shall have to move, where the rent is cheaper($930. for a bachelor downtown toronto!) was more than half that 17 years ago when i moved in..even if i could afford to move, and found a place, i don't have the energy/stamina to do it, plus all my drs. etc are here..i seem to get overwhelmed easily, so things like the medialert, i address once, and then block out for awhile..thanks for reminding me..
    i do appreciate your caring, loving nature...why does your son need one..
    i have cfids and fm too, what part of the world are you in, and where do you thing most of the people here are from..i am just sad it took 17 years to find this sight..can't even remember how i got the link!...but was pleasantly surprised..a bit overwhelmed at the number of posts in a day...i see myself in so many of them, at different stages of's incredible some dr.s still think it's psychosomatic..(and then fry your brain with ssri's!..wasn't that an eye-oponer..another thing i will have to check out, get off the prozac, and find an alternative, although i don't seem to tolerate the majority.
    thanks again, this meant a lot to me, especially today...
    love and hugs

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