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    I love your fighting spirit. I was just reading some of your posts tonight. It's really helping me because I'm going to start with the FFC this month, and I'll be going through something like what you're going through now.

    Are you still feeling pretty awful with all the treatments? Thanks for saying that they will work with you so that the herxing doesn't get too bad. I'm in the process of writing a long letter to Dr. Marti of the Seattle FFC to let her know what I want to happen with my treatment. So that it can speak for me when I'm too sick to remember everything. Stuff like, give me all the information, let me make my own choices, use this treatment but not that one. And some background information about me personally so that she remembers who it is she's talking to and what I value.

    I hope you will be feeling better real soon! And that your pain gets less and you can do some of the things you like to do. Do you live with your folks? Do you work? I just wondered because I'm 23 and I live with my dad and have never been able to work. {{{hugs}}} Shannon

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