PIRIFORMIS syndrome anyone?

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  1. I have had low back pain , radiating into my side and sometimes pain under the buttock. I am wondering if this is piriformis syndrome. From what I have been reading other than the pain doesn't go down my leg (thank goodness and hoping it won't ) this sounds alot like what I have. IT IS PAINFUL.

    does anyone else have it and can you describe yours and what you do for it? I found a site where there are two exercises for it and I am desperate for any help. thanks...
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    Like you I've had the syndrome. The last time it bugged me for a few weeks. I went to my pain doctor who gave me some epidural shots in the area. He always tell me to stretch - put your ankle on your knee and kind of push on your knee to stretch the area. I found a few good exercises on UTube when I typed in Piriformis Syndrome.

    I also went to the chiropractor and he pushed alot (which hurt alot) and also said that the area needs to be kept limber. Apparently the large P.F. muscle gets impinged on from what I understand. Not sure why some people are lucky enough to have the impingement. Just another wonderful pain to add to the other annoying ones, I guess. :)
  3. well I think I overdid the exercises. OMG just when I thought the pain was bad enough!

    anyone else ?
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    Roughly from '84 to '89. Did have sciatica symptoms. Spent thousands. Back specialists, podiatrists, physical therapists and various and sundry chiropractors. This was before it was widely recognized in the U.S. English doctor in the 1930's first described it in letter to Lancet I believe. Tim Noakes, MD South Africa popularized it in the running world.

    A sports chiropracter "cured" mine APPARENTLY (because he MAY have known all along what would work, of course) by trial-and-error. What worked, and I knew it was working before the session was over, was hot wet towel for 15 minutes (his normal procedure before every session and this was my third or fourth session) followed by deep ultrasound.

    Followup session a week later (ultrasound first then towel which didn't work and so I made them repeat the ultrasound AFTER the towel) and again about six months later. Stretched it for a few months. Never came back.

    My ex was 1 day from back surgery (she conducted meetings in her office while flat on her back on the floor) when she called me for advice. NO!

    She found a physical therapist (believe it was of the sort where the therapist walks up and down on your back) who CURED her.

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    If the pirisformis is very tender when you palpate it, you have it. Probably. Probably only on one side of body so can compare sides.
  6. thanks for the replies. I will try to find the exact spot to see if it is tender, but there isn't much on my right lower side that isn't tender. OMG!
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    I had the problem and it definitely caused sciatica in my case.

    The piriformis muscle is a huge muscle which runs from the coccyx to the other side of the pelvis. In 85% of the cases, the muscle lies directly over the sciatic nerve and tightness or spasm in it can and will press on the nerves and it can distort the pelvis, which HURTS.

    In the other fifteen percent of cases, the sciatic nerve actually runs through a foramen in the muscle itself, and when one with this situation develops piriformis problems sciatica almost always occurs.

    One can stretch, take long, warm baths or showers, then stretch, and actually sit on a tennis ball or baseball to rub out the trigger or tightening in the muscle. It really works.

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    For a few years before my diagnosis, I used to wake up and have an awful pain in my buttocks. It felt like a horse had kicked me when I was sleeping (or my husband haha). I wasn't aware that there was a syndrome for it.

    It's extremely painful and the only thing that seem to help is time. Usually after a couple of days it settles down but there is always residual tenderness. I have quite a lot of back pain too, mainly centre to the right, but this is nothing like that. A couple of times it's radiated down my leg, but not all the time. The tingling I have in my lower legs and feet, they tell me, is neuritis.

    I wish I had more to offer in the way of help, but I will follow this post and see if someone else has a solution.

    All the best,

  9. I am hoping by doing stretching exercises and using a tennis ball, and heating pad I can get it to ease up myself as I have to pay out of pocket $90 a wk for PT. Plus its quite a drive from me. I have it so bad that I feel I am walking different. Anyone have that happen? Any suggestions are WELCOME. I see alot are reading my post but PLEASE if you have any info pls respond . Thank you all sooo much.
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    I had a dose of piriformis pain that caused me to see the doctor. He referred me to a physiotherapist who showed me how to do that "ankle on opposite knee" exercise. I did that every day but it took at least six weeks to settle down so that I could walk without pain. So hang in there - it may just take "time". Have you got a muscle relaxing med like Valium - I know that helps with any odd muscle spasm pain that I get (& I get them in all kinds of deep & unusual places!)
  11. thanks, actually I have been looking for answers to this problem on my own as one dr (rheum) gives me injections for it and half the time it doesn't help, he says its fibro or bursitis. BUT its really painful in the side of the butt and it is making me walk different and hurts like all get out. So I am trying to figure it out, the exercises sometimes help, sometimes make it hurt worse. WHY CAN'T THESE DRS LISTEN TO US AND HELP US IN PAIN! This is the worst pain I have ever had. Walking, in bed, sitting, it all hurts, I can't believe I put up with it this long. My dr is one if I mention piriformis will say YOU HAVE FIBRO. grrrr.

    fnx3 how many times a day and how many times did you do that exercise?

    on top of that pain, I am sick in bed with the worst cold/flu I have ever had. And with Christmas right around the corner! WAAAA!

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    Love that name...

    Anywho... You are so funny. I don't know if you intend it to be funny but the "WAAAA" is hilarious to me. Only because I understand what you mean. The "grrrs" are right on target too. I sure hope you feel better soon. Being in extra pain on top of FM can suck but then add the cold/flu and it moves into totally SUCKS. Especially when the holidays are coming up soon.

    Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today... I needed that.

    (I've never had this problem... I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your posts.)

  13. I am glad I made someone laugh!
  14. It is really bad, I got an injection and it helped for 2 or 3 wks in late Dec. but OMG it is back. I have an appt with my back surgeon in feb and will see what he says and go from there. thank goodness the tens machine gives me relief while I wear it. anyone else have ANY info , suggestions PLEASE!
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    for piriformis:

    Lie down on the floor on your back, if you can. Bend one knee and bring it up toward your body. With your opposite hand, pull that leg bent at a right angle, straight across your body. You will feel the stretch in your bottom. Gently exhale as you pull the leg across your body. Release the leg and gently inhale, then repeat twice for each leg.

    I do this exercise every night before bed. If I neglect doing this exercise, I really feel in after a day or two.


  16. With piriformis syndrome do you also get pain real low in your spine? mine is right above the crack of my butt to the right side of the spine and radiates to the side of butt, its hard to walk, the muscles on the side of butt feel so tight. But the dr keeps saying its fibro but am wondering if he's wrong as it never ends...... It is soooo unbearably painful!
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