Piriformis Syndrome

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    Has anyone out there experienced piriformis syndrome? I have it. I am going to Physical therapy 3x a week and I really don't think it is doing too much too help, maybe it is making it worse. It hurts so bad my pain med is doing absoutley nothing.
    I spend most of the time laying flat on the floor. It is especially bad in the morning but latley it has lasted all day long. If anyone has had this please tell me your experience and what has happened to you, and what are my options. My doctor was going to give me a trigger point injection before Christmas but he decided not to, because he was going away and could not be reached in case of a problem. He has also suggested Botox injection, but that will only last 6 months for alot of money.
    But at least I will be pain free, I hope :).
    Thanks for listening and reading.

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    This is a new one on me....what is it? Sorry you are feeling so bad. I hope someone who knows what this is will come along to help you. It's not as busy here on weekends, so keep bumping the post if nobody answers you.
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    Hi Notnuts, I cannot fine anything with this name; Piriformis Syndrome. Is the spelling correct?

    Like Klutzo, would like to know what it is!

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I have been treated for piriformis syndrome. It is what they feel I had when i was injured in 2000 at work. Unfortunately i have found no relief for it. It is horribly painful. I had one cortisone injection by a VERY good pain specialist and was supposed to go through another and then I would have began therapy. However a long work comp story i never had the second injection for it.
    This is a VERY sensative muscle inwhich it pinches off the sciatic nerve. You must rest whenever it begins to cause you pain. I was told by a occupational health Doctor that if it begins to spasm in the middle of a step DON'T carry out that step. Stop where ever you are. They wanted to actually insert a TENS like unit into the actual muscle to help relieve mine for a period of 6 to 12 months but I declined and just deal with it.
    I so very muchly sympothize with you on the pain. I do not sleep, if i do it is only because of Flexeral. My entire leg is numb all the time from it. And it is no fun. It kind of bothers me about the fact that they have you in PT. I hope it is nothing with strengthening and stretching this muscle without heat and relaxation of it first. And i ray it isn't causing discomfort for you. There are alot of sights on the net with piriformis syndrome and you really need to educate yourself about this. I was a very good waitress at a very busy place and the pain specialist said i would never be able to return to it due to this. He has been right so far. They say once you tear your piriformis that it is such a delicate and sensative muscle that it will not let you over do with it again.
    REMEMBER too please, you do not want something to deaden this muscle. You only want to elaviate the pain to be able to do the stretches you need to to get it out of spasm. I do not know what botox does but if it deadens it it could cause even worse problems. And make sure and DEMAND an injection done to it under xray.
    I have terrible pain to the point i can not walk without the walls in the mornings. I have good days and bad days with it. Some days I am down and out all day from the pain and like a dummy I try to do everything all at once on days that it does not bother me so bad.
    I can relate to your pain and pray that you can find relief with it.
    PS rest of the piriformis, laying down especially to get off your bottom and heat is the best thing for you. And take plenty of flexeral when it is most bothersome to help relax that muscle.[This Message was Edited on 12/28/2002]
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    Hi Notnuts

    After eighteen months of progressive hell and being diagnosed with IBS and FM I have discovered the origin of my problems are a chronically shortened iliopsoas muscle which can affect all body and organ functions.

    Similar to piriformis syndrome, all connected to the same area. Home stretching in the last few days has already helped my symptoms subside a lot but I'm going to start myofascial trigger point therapy and get through this. I always knew it couldn't be all emotional yet my doctors were indirectly saying that.

    Kind regards
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    I was told a LONG time ago that my piriformis muscle on the left was in spasm. The sciatica it caused has eased over the years, but it remains in tight spasm all the time!
    I had no idea it was common enough to have a name associated with it as a syndrome!
    I am so very glad I have found this site!
    GodBless and I hope you post if you find a treatment for it.
    PS I would never have Botox injected into my body as I react 'wierdly' to things due to this disease.
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    I've had it off and on for many yrs. Heat and my chiropractor are the only things that help. I was told it was caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve due to the tightening and shrinking of the muscles which is caused by my FM. I have to avoid sitting on hard chairs and I always have to use a lumbar cushion when sitting for long periods. Sometimes just rushing to cross the street can set it off. I used to try stretching exercises but that seemed to aggravate it. Physio therapy and tens or ultrasound always made it worse too.
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    it sounds like piriformis syndrome to me.. I know how you feel they did everything they could for it and you are so right, the tens and ultra sound do really aggrivate it. Like I said it is a very very sensative muscle. I was told one of the worst in the body. Especially due to the fact that it sits in the sciatic notch where the sciatic nerve runs. I have read that people do get relief from having surgery to have the sciatic nerve moved and freed from the muscle. I went through heck with it let me tell you. I still do so badly it isn't even funny. Haven't played with the kids or ran for over, well three years in March. It is very troublesome and Most Doctors know nothing about piriformis syndrome. That is what is sad. Alot of wasted money due to them thinking I had a herniated disc.
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    and, after a year of physical therapy and gentle chiropractic care, have only mild symptoms. I did my home stretchng excercises faithfully (and still do). Hopefully in time you will get relief. I had had a bad reaction to an epidural injection for a disk problem so I am avoiding invasive treatments, but if your doc feels that an injection may give you some relief, maybe that will help you as your work with this problem.