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    me oh lord I am so tired and weary, hear my plea to you do not keep yourself far away from me. Lord my doctor said quit work and file for disability, is this your plan for me?

    Father, I love you so guide me in your ways forgive me my sins, let me hear your voice please do not remain silent you tell me my sheep know my voice, I ask that you speak clearly to me give me that word of knowledge the wisdom to hear you.

    People surround me but you knowq how lonely I am for you I beg of you end your silence give the kick in the butt that I need to more clearly know your will, lord i submit myself to you show me what you would have me do.

    I thirst and hunger for you but you seem so distant from me.

    Lord God glue me fast to your hand lord let me not slip away from you.

    I am filled with confusion, I rebuke the devil in Jesus name. get away from me satan because as for me and my household we will serve the lord I command you in the name of Jesus, devil flea from me, I will not hear you, I trust my lord God to pull me through.

    I worship you lord and praise you for your shield of protection please father speak plainly to me and guide my footsteps
    in Jesus name I thank you for these blessings