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    Hi Pixie,
    I have just read your post and can empathise with you as a caregiver.
    It really does hurt for us to see our loved ones suffering, especially from these dd's which appear to have no near end and an uncertain future.
    Knowing how heavily people rely on us can also be a burden.
    But you know, we are people. We can only do so much, before we might crack under pressure.
    That is why I think it is imperative - without the guilt to take care of ourselves, to enable us to keep giving.
    These illnesses are challenging to carers, perhaps in a more emotional way and again all the more important, for us to keep going, is to take care of us too.
    You sound like a very special person to be so giving of yourself to your family.
    I would like to come and help you - I live in Canberra in Australia, so if you are close by....
    Wish you were!!!
    hugs woman,

    I often feel like the only thing that keeps me moving forward is the habitual fact that I keep putting my left foot in front of my right foot. I know I am appreciated and loved and this triggers the left foot thing.