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    Pj I started a new post so it didn't get lost in the Abx Insomnia one!

    Dr. C didn't say anything about co-infections and after we returned home and everything sank in, I see where they are a big part of the picture. Her dx on his evaluation sheet in Borreliosis.

    So no, I don't know if she has a co-infection. How does one go about finding that out?
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    is even more unreliable than for lyme...

    The 'simple' answer is, there's no simple answer.

    However, there is an overlap between what abx kill what bacteria, so if you're not responding or only responding to a point, another abx should be tried. This could however also be true of killing lyme too, tho, since there are different varieties and different abx work for them - it's hard to know, often, what you're likely to have especially if you've traveled a lot.

    You might want to read more at ilads.org -- also at publichealthalert.org has a free online newsletter about lyme and co-infections.

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    She took 150mg this morning. She has been taking the new extended release Ultram and filling in with regular Ultam for pain, and actually feels pretty good at the moment.

    Yes, it is a tough road as a parent, but we have been traveling it for 4 years now. I feel like a doctor, nurse, teacher, you name it!