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    Well my brain was working pretty well, and I’d had a good night’s sleep, so was able to address the problems I’d had with my acupuncturist’s Tx in the right way - ie acknowledging what his Tx did help but expressing concerns over my responses especially in the last few months.

    He said he did not understand what I was trying to explain to him as a possibility, which I had based on info you posted here and some web based research, but he appears to have taken notice. For my part I felt pleased that on good days now I can handle situations like this well; his ego was not dented and it’s left the door open for both of us.

    My sinuses just won’t clear so I asked him to treat that problem, last time the relief was temporary, but this time it had no effect at all. I also asked him to see if he could settle things down, late December/early January I had some pretty scary problems and reporting those (without implicating he was at fault) seemed to act like a wake up call; as a result his Tx last week had a more beneficial effect.
    So thanks for taking the time to describe your experiences with acupuncture; it was much appreciated and it definitely helped.

    Love, Tansy[This Message was Edited on 01/24/2006]