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    I thought I would start a new post since you're asking about FCT. If you haven't read any of my old posts about FCT, please do. They are from the beginning of my treatment. I eventually stopped posting due to lack of interest by readers.

    There is a person in NY who started seeing Dr. Y back in March 2006 but she's the only one I know of.

    I have now been seeing Dr. Ou since Jan 9, 2006. I know I am better but my fatigue is still a problem. In the last 6 months or so Dr. Ou has found Lyme, heart problems and some other items.

    Unfortunately, my home computer is down and I can only get to the library about once a week. I don't have my papers with me to let you know what all Dr. Ou has found.

    He is very patient and speaks VERY HIGHLY of Dr. Y. I feel he is in constant contact with Dr. Y as Dr. Y is continually making improvements to his treatment.

    I only have 2 minutes left of computer time so I'll write more later.

    Please stay with Dr. Y as long as possible. It will be worth it!!

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    Ok, I was able to get another computer.

    As you go through your treatments Dr. Y will continue to find things. Dr. Ou explained it's like peeling of an onion. He'll treat the items that are heavy hitters and then at the next appointment those will have fallen down and there will be other things on top.

    Overall, he has found a lot of things going wrong inside me. Next week-end he has me doing a liver flush. I'm not looking forward to it but if he says jump..... I say how high!!

    Dr. Ou is also researching other things. I don't know if he has mentioned them to Dr. Y or not. I've been using M-Water since December. You can go to Dr. Ou's website and click on his Natural Healing link. drdaveou dot com. Dr. Ou is traveling out west to visit the doctor who has created M water.

    I am just amazed at how much time and effort Dr. Ou is putting into FCT and natural healing. He went to see Dr. Y a couple of times last year and also traveled to Ireland a couple of times. There are alot of doctors over there who are jumping on Dr. Y's bandwagon. However, it is more accepted over there than it is here in the U.S.

    Dr Ou has a forum for patients if Dr. Y didn't mention it. You might want to join and look back at some of the messages.

    I can't say enough about FCT!! I truly believe it is the way to go. I'm not for sure how many patients Dr. Ou has helped. I only know of 2 who quit. 1 due to insurance and 1 due to not being able to give up chocalate.

    Please write back and let me know how things are going. I love talking about FCT : )


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