Planning a Plane Trip With CFS As My Companion! Scared To Death!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jasmine, Oct 17, 2002.

  1. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    Hi! I'd love to hear some feedback from anyone who has flown on a plane with chronic fatigue syndrome. Did you feel worse from flying? I'm thinking of taking a plane trip but am very nervous about feeling worse during the flight due to reduced oxygen. Any ideas or tips?

    Love, Jasmine
  2. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    Hi! I'd love to hear some feedback from anyone who has flown on a plane with chronic fatigue syndrome. Did you feel worse from flying? I'm thinking of taking a plane trip but am very nervous about feeling worse during the flight due to reduced oxygen. Any ideas or tips?

    Love, Jasmine
  3. teach6

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    You can do it. You just need to plan ahead. I have CFS, FM, and NMH. I've flown three times since my dx and plan to fly again. My only bad experience was when I ended up on a puddle jumper that had no arm rests. That means my shoulders had to support themselves, which really brings on my FM pain.

    The first energy saver you can plan for is to request a wheelchair for you to ride from the ticket gate to thte plane and then upon arrival from the plane to the baggage claim area and wherever you will be picked up.

    Here's what I do. First I plan to fly before I need to be there so when I arrive I can rest before the fun begins. I also plan rest periods into every day of my trip. I've been to a business conference and I survived!

    As for the flight, take along things that will help you be comfortable. I take a blow up pillow for my neck. This allows me to rest comfortably and even sleep during the flight.

    I also take along a small collapsible footrest. I need this to keep my knees higher than my hips, due to my NMH.

    I think the most important thing I take is my refillable Brita water bottle. It has a filter right in it so you can refill it anywhere and still have filtered water. It also allows you to travel without lugging your water with you, or paying horrendous hotel and airport prices for it.

    When I was at my businesss conference I also paid extra for a rental scooter to use while in the mammoth hotel. I knew I would never be able to w alk the huge place and it saved me a lot of energy for more fun things, like shopping and being with my friends.

    So, I suggest you make arrangements to bring along the things that will help you have a successful flight. YOu should have a good experience if you can do that.

    Good luck and happy traveling!

  4. ssMarilyn

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    The reason people get so tired on a plane is because they get dehydrated. (When you order an alcoholic drink at that altitude, they say drinking one is like drinking two, because of what the altitude does to the body). It's important you take a couple bottles of water with you and drink them both. This should take care of any problems!

    Good luck!
    Marilyn :)
  5. rbtheidmanhabs

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    I know your your suffering from cfs and I have severe fibro But I have never heard of any one not flying because of it.Now I have no immune system what so ever.I am not supposed to go to any malls or grocery stores.I cannot use public washrooms.I'm not supposed to go to any after hours clinics if I'm real sick.If I go to the emergency at our hospital they put me in a seperate room away from every one else.Because If there is any disease, cold or flue around I will be sure to pick it up.Also I cannot get a flue shot each year because I don't build up any antibodies and cannot fight any infections off.So you see I am stuck in the house alot .I would love to go on a trip somewhere but I have to be so careful.My doctors have told me if I get pneumonia one more time that will be it for me.You see I had it nine times last year and in the hospital each time.The last time with a collapsed lung and also lung surgery.I'm afraid to go to sleep at night sometimes.I know thisa seems quite long but my family don't all realize just how sick I really am. Talk soon okay Bob
  6. Trisha

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    I rarely go anywhere anymore due to the pain and weakness. I fly about once a year and will only go if I build up enough mileage plus miles to upgrade to First Class. The seats are more comfy (2 instead of 3 across and LEATHER) and you get much more leg room. My friend calls coach "STEERAGE"!

    I TRY to rest before I leave and rest after arrival. And, YES, get a wheelchair to drive you around. I did not do that and am very sorry for it.

    If you plan to fly United, I have coupons for a free companion fare and upgrade certificate if you get their credit card. Write me privately for details.


  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi. Good to see you post.

    I had to fly back to Denver for my Mom's memorial service with long layovers in Cincinnati one way and Atlanta the way home. I was able to get bulkhead seats which have much more leg room. I constantly stretched my legs out and stretched my arms too.

    I did Dr. Cheney's breathing exercises to try to get as much oxygen out of the air as possible. If you can fly on the new 717's, they bring more oxy into the cabin than other planes, especially the older ones.

    The only thing that did bother me was people trying to talk loud to one another behind me. I just kept taking my Klonopin 1/4 tablet at a time.

    It may have been the stress of the event, but it took me forever to recouperate when I got home. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Ponygirl

    Ponygirl New Member

    I've been a Flightattendant for 25 years. Have fms. Take a HUGE bottle of Water. The 1 liter size. Drink it ALL. Relax, enjoy your trip. You'll be fine.
  9. Kathryn

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    One neat trick to do if you are flying with a friend is to have one of you request a window seat, & the other an aisle seat in the same row. Most people will not want the center seat, so it will in all probability remain empty. If someone should get stuck there, either you or your companion can offer to trade seats. Most flights, especially these days, are half empty, so you will probably have the extra seat to stretch out into. The atmosphere on modern planes is fine. I doubt you would have any trouble. Do request a wheelchair to get you to & from the plane. That will give you the added advantage of being first to board so you won't be stuck in a crowded line. Go & enjoy your trip.
    Kathryn (former frequent flyer)
  10. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    I want to thank you all for all the helpful tips. Maybe now if I get airborne, I won't be such a scaredy cat! I'm really going to enjoy the wheelchair in the airport, but it sure will freak out hubby!

    Love, Jasmine
  11. vloga

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    I used to love flying, so I was rather scared when I had to do it after dx of CFS. First time I walked the whole way in the airports. No way would I do that now. The wheelchair/buggy gets you from a to b and it's far easier to checkin if there's a queue (I saved 1 hour of standing last time I flew) - just tell your husband you'll get him through checkin quickly ! Water is good; people have told me that melanin is good for jetlag (which we can't buy in the UK, so I haven't tried it). As for oxyen, it's above your head, so it really is on tap. I find that the increase in altitude brings the oxygen bubbles into my blood, so I feel better when flying;it's just the bit in the airports that's a pain. Rest the day before and the day after, and you should enjoy it.

    Best of luck !