Plantar fasciitis

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrlondon, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. mrlondon

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    Hi - I developed plantar fasciitis in one foot, due to favoring it because of an injury to the other foot. I have pain under the arch. A doctor I just saw said that he would not recommend custom orthotics right now, because the inflammation is so bad that the orthotics might actually irritate the area. He suggested a round of PT. He did not recommend a cortisone shot, because the area was too near the nerves (he would have done it if the pain was more in the heel). He also suggested a brand of shoes to look into it called MBT walker. Does anyone have any experience with this problem, and have any other suggestions for me? Btw, I also have flat feet, which probably was a factor in causing the problem. It's also why that I've found that most OTC orthotics are useless. Thanks. - Mark
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    As a matter of fact I know quite a few people with that very painful foot problem. Some of the things that helped them were:

    freezing a bottle and rolling it on the bottom of their feet

    cortisone shots (wish you could have one)

    CROCs the silver cloud rx clogs (that 'rx' is part of the name, they don't require a prescription) found online

    Flector anti-inflamatory patches (prescription, great and very, very expensive)

    physical therapy

    wearing a brace at night (the Podiatrist provided it)

    prescription anti-inflamatory medication

    time = 6 mos to 1 year was the time frame one doc suggested

    Hope you find the relief you are seeking

  3. cynicaldog

    cynicaldog New Member

    I honestly believe the combination of wearing Crocs indoors, and Earth shoes (the athletic shoe style) when I leave the house, cured my plantar fasciitis. I was in terrible pain for years, but those two sets of shoes made a huge difference for me. I also recommend a brace to keep your foot at a 90 degree angle while you sleep, and before you get out of bed, gently stretch your feet by pulling upward on your toes (so you feel a stretch in your heel). If you look on the website you'll find a wide selection of items -- they have a whole plantar fasciitis/heel pain category under "Foot Health". I bought my "night splint" (brace) from them.
  4. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    I can relate to your post.
    I have plantar fasciitis , both feet.

    I have tried so many shoes. Crocs are the only shoes i can wear.
    Doc had custom orthodics made for my feet, $500.00 down the drain.

    My opthamologists(sp) says i must stay away from cortisone injections. i already have vision disease.

    i do use a cooling lotion for both feet and i do soak them in epsom salt water.

    If your doc comes up with any new suggestions, please post them as i will do the same for you

    Be Well
  5. kjfms

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    To help relieve the soreness soak you feet in hot water (the hottest you can stand) with Epsom's salts, and vinegar (white/cider). I also have plantar fasciitis and do this quite often.

    It really works!

    Just let you feet soak until the water cools it may sound a little odd but honestly I have never found anything to help more quickly.


  6. mrlondon

    mrlondon Member

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I will try some of the remedies people have suggested. The doctor didn't suggest anti-inflammatories, I'm not sure why. I'll ask the PT when I see him, and also ask about the night splint. From what I read on the web, most people have pain when they wake up, but I don't, perhaps because I think my pain isn't in the heel like most people's pains are. I was thinking of trying epsom salts, but now I'll definitely try it.

    It always seems like I fix one problem, and another one occurs. Sigh. :(

    - Mark
  7. Empower

    Empower New Member


    Had it last year

    It is VERY painful (just what we need)

    Doc said it was from me wearing flip flops - Took months to resolve

    I did the frozen plastic bottle bit, and wore tie shoes and the brace (a pain) at night

    Good luck
  8. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Hi Mark,

    So sorry you are dealing with plantar fasciitis. Not fun. I've been dealing with it for several years because I work out every day with few exceptions. I don't think mine is as severe as yours, but I would like to toss out a few ideas that hopefully will help. has some great foot stretches that can help provide some immediate relief. See

    In addition to freezing a soup can and rolling your foot under it, another great trick is to roll a tennis ball under your foot. Sometimes the foot can't tolerate the ice very long, and the tennis ball is obviously room temperature. It's a great foot massage, and it will help with the pain.

    I'm ALWAYS searching for shoes that will help my feet. Everyone's feet are different obviously, however a tip:

    Always buy shoes from stores/websites in which the staff are educated about shoes, feet and very ideally, foot problems. Otherwise, they will give you useless tips like, "This is our bestselling shoe" (Who cares? If the shoes won't work for YOUR feet it's worthless info.)

    Another shoe brand to consider are Birkenstocks. While no shoe brand works for everyone (I can't wear Crocs for example because my feet are too narrow, but they are lifesavers for so many others), Birkenstocks are great because they are like having a built-in orthotic. Your foot literally makes its own imprint into the shoes. They have styles that accommodate all kinds of feet. My first pair lasted a whopping 18 years.

    I've heard of MBTs and have read about them, but I have not tried them. I always see great reviews from people with severe foot pain that bought MBTs from a very popular shoe website (starts with a Z) . It sounds like the MBTs would help you the most right now. You'll have other great shoe brands to consider as your heel starts to heal (no pun intended, but hey, it's mildly amusing).

    Hope your foot gets better soon!

    All the best,

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  9. blueeyedgrl73

    blueeyedgrl73 New Member

    i had doc gave me NSAIDs and told me to do stretches 15 minutes a day twice a day using a belt looped around the top part of my foot and pulling the foot towards me. Also, he told me to buy those inserts for my shoes which helped take the pressure off the arch. All of this helped. I have been diagnosed with RA since then so it could have been the RA causing this idk. I know you said you have flat feet so idk if the inserts will work. best of luck to you! :) Blue
  10. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    I have it too. My podiatrist gave me some orthotics that he had in his office and adhered some type of material to it for an arch support and shaved it a little, told me wear them continually in my tennis shoes and no going barefoot until bedtime. Then I had phyical therapy for a few sessions to learn how to stretch out that dang achillies tendon and they did some ultra-sound. I then slid to the end of the bed at night as I am a belly sleeper and hung my feet over the end of the bed so my toes wouldn't be pointed when I slept. As long as I do all of this, it works and works well. It has taken a long time though. I am flat footed also. Hope this helps. P
  11. mrlondon

    mrlondon Member

    I tried the MBT shoes last night. They feel very weird and are expensive. However, the shoe felt good on the foot that I am having the problem with. However, the shoe on the other foot caused major pain in the arch. The other foot has a higher arch, and my present shoe does not come in contact with that arch. So that arch was not used to being supported, and was not very happy. Even if that problem didn't exist, I was very wary of them, because they really change how your leg muscles work. I read this on the web, but you have to experience them for yourself in order to really appreciate this. I have tight muscles and tendons, so a major change might have flared up other problems. On the other hand, who knows, maybe after getting used to them, they might be great, because they are supposed to promote good posture, and the inside of them was very comfy. But I can't use them right now. - Mark
  12. Iamwell

    Iamwell New Member

    The Marshall Protocol cured my severe numbness and sore feet and swelling in my Achilles tendons.

    Bacteria is the cause of the problem. We have it everywhere. It has been found that 90 percent of the cells in the human body are not human but are bacterial. Bacteria are hanging out in every cell of your body and that means in your feet as well.

    Inflammation. Getting new shoes is just a bandaid for the problem. But of course we should do everything we can to make ourselves as comfortable as possible. Have you tried soaking your feet in epsom salts and peroxide? Stretching and massage is also helpful.

  13. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    You are definately right about the cost of the MBT shoes.
    i just searched them and wow, i had no idea of the cost !!

    Please keep us posted on these shoes when you can begin to wear them.

    i am to the point of going to another poditrists for another opinion. i have the plantar fasciitis in both feet and the pain is unbearable. Mine is not so much of the heels, mine is more painful of the arch and the pads of the feet.

    Thanks for posting and please keep me or us updated . i need some relief too !!!!

    Be Well
  14. AquaBlossom

    AquaBlossom New Member

    My podiatrist told me that I needed to wear shoes with a 1 to 2 inch heel ALL THE TIME. No going bare foot even when I got out of bed at night to go to the bathroom!

    The shoes needed to be quite firm and have an enclosed heel. She also gave me wedges to put in the shoes which stop my arches from rolling inwards.

    This has cured the problem for me.

    I tried rolling a bottle of cold water under my foot, or a tennis ball but that didn't help. Last summer, I walked around barefoot quite a bit because my feet felt better, but by the end of the summer, I was in pain again. So I have gone back to wearing shoes all the time and my feet are ok again.

    Hope this is of some help.
  15. chaps

    chaps New Member

    I'll tell ya, next to neuromas, the plantar fascitis was a walk in the park in terms of pain intensity and toughness to cure.

    I went through about 4 years of trying to get rid of these problems. For the heel spurs, the cortisone shots seemed to work and last for a while. For the neuromas, the cortisone injections helped for about a day, then the pain came back. I went through physical therapy, everything short of surgery under the sun, but none of it worked.

    I ended up having surgery to cut out the neuromas on both feet, the surgeries for each foot were 4 months apart. I probably could have corrected the plantar fascitis with the shots and the PT, but since he was right there, I told him you might as well cut the tendons and get rid of the plantar fascitis while you're at it.

    When I had the tendons cut five years ago, there was a new shockwave treatment that cut the tendons without the surgeon having to invasively cut into the foot. The shockwaves target the tendon where it attaches and break it off without any cutting at all. While recovery with the conventional surgery takes 6 weeks, it only takes about 2 days with the shockwave therapy. The device that delivers the shockwaves is called the "Ossatron." The shockwave treatment was not yet approved by the FDA at the time, thus my insurance would not cover it. I would think that it's approved by now.

    After the surgery, the heels were fine, but the areas where the neuromas were removed were still very painful. Then I had custom orthotics made, and they worked like a dream. NO MORE PAIN even if I spent the whole day on my feet walking, no matter what shoes I used. I'm convinced that if I had these orthotics made in the first place instead of all the shots, drugs, and PT, I would have been fine and never would have needed the surgery.

    Once again, the medical business just wanted to sell me harmful drugs (cortisone, methyl-prednisone, Bextra, Vioxx, Motrin) and keep the PT orgs, surgeons, and anisthesiologists in business. All I needed was a pair of orthotics.
  16. fifthofanickel

    fifthofanickel New Member

    I've had Plantar Fascitis for many yrs. now....Did a lot of experimenting & found doing the stretch w/the toes pointed toward your head helps b4 getting out of bed in the morning, Using the tennis ball to break up the calcium deposits around the tendon, wearing New Balance Athletic running shoes #1123's, (actually I don't walking) & reflexology...I'll tell ya when they rub along that tendon, it hurts "good". And a good soak in a vibrating foot bath...

    All this seems to help me anyway..Maybe you can glean some of this info & give it a try. In the beginning, my feet were so bad, I could barely walk on them. And buy the cushiest slippers you can. Really thick ones. That helps walking around the house in the evenings to give your feet a rest from wearing the shoes all day....Also the New Balance shoes ad reads good for Plantar Fascitis & it helps for me greatly....

  17. jilliesue

    jilliesue New Member

    Ugh...I feel the pain...just got back searching and searching for sandles I can wear tot he beach and get wet and am having NO luck...think I'm going to try the crocs. I have found that NAOT's are the only shoes I can wear right now. I have had pf since Oct.'08 and it has gotten better. Yes, like barefoot NEVER touches the ground. I found this website and if you email her she will send you a massage technique she has found to heal your plantar fasciitis! I must say, after taking to my massage therapist and having her do the technique on me it did improve. My massage therapist moved out of town, so I have just now found another massage therapist who has worked on several patients and healed them of their pf. It's all in the leg muscles...and getting the massage has been the best relief for me. I just am not able to be consistent...but going to make it a priority so get this thing taken care of once and for all!! Good luck...would love to hear how your are doing on your healing.
  18. mmmnnn000

    mmmnnn000 New Member

    I have not worn MBTs YET.... but, I have tried Chung Shi. I can't say enough good for what they have done for my feet. I woke up one morning with extreme pain on the medial side of my heel. (I would have rather crawled to the bathroom than walked). I tried various treatments for the condition: taping, ice, physical therapy....I could go on. They all helped make it a little better but, I know without my Chung Shis I would not have recovered like I have. No question about it! Give them a try. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I found immediate relief (not healing). Healing came later.

    Several people tried to persuade me to put my money into orthotics but, I didn't find them especially helpful.

    Con's about Chung shi: 1) They're about 245.00 (without shipping). 2) They have about 6 styles (Ugly to Ugly). 3) They fade alot after washing them more than a couple of times.

    They also come in 2 levels. They suggest you start with level one if you've never worn them. Which is what I did. However, as soon as I could AFFORD another pair I made sure it was a level two because it demanded my arch be stretched that much more (which I feel helped to heal my plantar fascitis).

    I am currently looking at MBTs because you have more of a selection and from what I can tell the concept is the same (a rocker bottom sole). I don't think you would be wasting your money on MBTs (for that reason). Also, MBTs have other benefits such as improving your posture, (burning more calories-they say), and on and on. Good Luck and don't give up! If I can reverse my condition I think anyone can.
  19. mmmnnn000

    mmmnnn000 New Member

    p.s. Night splints for me (were a the best thing ever)! Extremely awkward to wear to bed and made sleeping hard but, really helped to heal my feet. If you try them I would recommend a the sock that you wear that has like a "pully" attached to it or a soft/semi-ridged boot. Good luck.
  20. senseless

    senseless New Member

    I also developed this condition, however, I was diagnosed with it in 1991 and I still "have" it! After reading up on it, it seems to me my condition is actually a fallen arch. I also never had much heel pain, even though the docs seemed to want it to be there. Anyway....What has helped and not helped for me....Orthotics at a place called the "Good Feet" store. Expensive, but more helpful that anything my docs ever did for me. I order shoes from FootSmart online store, where you can search for 'orthotic friendly" shoes so that the orthotic will fit comfortably in the shoe. They have a great return policy; they pay return shipping with a convenient shipping label if you are not satisfied. Also, they have all kinds of shoes and devices for problem feet. I have problems keeping my weight where it should be, and when I gain or lose even a little weight, it really makes a huge difference on my feet. I'm working really hard to get to my healthy weight right now, partly because I'm convinced that will be the only cure. I also do water aerobics for exercise so that I am not putting too much pressure on my foot. What has not helped....braces, casts, rest (I just gained more weight, and it didn't help) ice, rolling it on a ball, visiting my doctor! Hope you have a better result than I...but I think the docs try to treat this apart from fibro and they just don't know!!

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