Plantscaper, GP accepted saliva test results

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    Hi plantscpaer

    I just didn't know how she'd react but she took it all seriously. Blood tests on hormones confirmed enough for all the results to be looked at properly. So that was £65 well spent.

    Has agreed to hydrocortisone 5mg am and noon. Will use this for a while because my body needs to be able to cope with a lot of challenges and reaction to heat highlighted mess it all in.

    Also oestrogen very low so alternative hrt may have eased some symptoms a bit but did nothing else. Didn't know about maca root then. So she prescribed the lowest dose patch using natural oestrogen because neither of us want to take risks over thrombosis. Oral progesterone though because NHS has yet to approve any transdermal form but that's just for 12 day within 28 day cycles. There is one combined patch but the oestrogen dose is twice as high and that's for the menopause, I'm not quite there yet.

    Will use these cos like you my finances are limited and I feel they're more like replacing what's low rather than just pallative drugs.

    She did feel oestrogen so low it was contributing to serious problems with sleep, was bad enough before but it just got so that I only dozed off for short periods day and night through sheer exhaustion.

    So it would seem saliva tests are a good and acceptable alternative to the more enlightened orthodox doctors.


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