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    Here are some sites that have pics of rash.
    You might have to dig since I can't give you
    enough of the info;
    One is at the lyme organization site in the rash
    gallery and another there is no way to give
    the info here.

    Search on google for lyme rashes and you should
    find pics. Also try the lyme org site I just mentioned.

    I see the Lyme Specialist on July 22.

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    I could not find a picture of thanks for the tip...what did yours look like? or was it too long ago?

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    I was never bitten by a tick as far as I know.
    But I have so many symptoms and live in an
    area where it is widespread

    Sorry u could find pics.
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    Can look somewhat different from one person, till the next..might want to see some more before I make a determination..

    Thanks for the information..Has Lyme been hard to diagnose with the usual tests? and are you getting treatment for it, now?..Does not look very clearcut as people later stages...

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    I don't know if I have Lyme or not. I was asking
    about hepatitis on another board and it was suggested that I go to a Lyme Dr. It had never occurred to me
    because I never heard of Lyme without the rash.
    After much research, I have found that many are
    being misdiagnosed with FMS when they really
    have lyme or else they have both.

    I have only mentioned it to my chiropractor yesterday.
    He said he does believe in it and would be good
    to get checked out. I have been told that talking
    to drs who are not lyme literate refuse to even
    consider such a thing as chronic lyme. I decided
    to save myself some trouble and go straight to
    the best dr. in my area.

    It is about one and 1/2 hours away. I am nervous
    about it and excited at the same time. I hear this dr
    tests for all the things I want to be tested for and
    it is standard procedure. So, I think even if I don't
    have lyme it will prove to be a very fruitful
    appt. I am petrified of the ride.

    This week I went to three appts and I am so
    exhausted and have a lot of pain still from
    the fall. Actitivity has always caused me great
    pain. I know people usually think it's the other
    way around, but with me I am better when I don't
    move a muscle!!!

    The only bad thing about the dr. is they don't accept
    insurance. He does give 30 percent discount to
    Medicare patients though. Can't put a $ on your
    health. It will be worth it I hope. I am just
    afraid of what I find out.

    I am also worried about my mother.

    If you go to lymenet you will see so many people
    with similar symptoms as FMS. I think everyone
    with FMS should be tested if they live in the
    areas where Lyme is prevalent.

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    I wish I could afford the best...have not been to any CFS/FM docs, and cannot afford to go, due to loss of health insurance..and then, we don't have any specialists, here..

    I am trying to do most of problem-solving on my own, but if you have a doc to test for different possibilties, that is really important..and hope you find out where you problems are originating..I would, at least, like to be tested for HHV-6..already know I have had both EBV and CMV..and Maladsorption Syndrome..

    My Mom got really ill about 3 years ago, and we had just gotten her to the Mayo Clinic, soon enough, she probably would have done much better (now, she is bedridden)..I tried to persuade them to go early on, but my mother had too much naive trust in her local doc, and she thought it would have been much more expensive.. finally, took her to see the head of the department, but it was too late for much of it was irreversible..but, she has outlived their predictions, in defiance..

    What are your mother's problems?

    Thinking of you on your journey,
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    So sorry to hear about your mother.

    I guess you have missed my desparate emails
    the past few days about my mother and her
    anxiety. I did not realize you were a clinical
    psychologist. Boy, could I sure use you!!!

    She has been extremely anxious. She has had anxiety in the past but this is like nothing I have seen.
    Her GP put her on Paxil but she is now being weaned
    off of it. My mother started it and stopped it in the
    middle. Her dr. told her that she could experience
    bad withdrawals because of what she did when
    she stopped and started again. I asked my mother
    is she feels worse than she did prior to the paxil
    and she said yes. She has xanax that she takes
    and also has ambien and I gave her benadryl as
    well. Want to give her phenergan out of dispair
    but don't know if I should.

    She had an awful year last year with breast cancer,
    chemo, blood clot, suspected ovarian cancer,
    radiation, lung damage from radiation, etc.
    Her dr. scared her about her lung and that is
    what set off this last bit bout. She shakes and
    paces and can't sleep at all. Never has slept
    more than four hours for years and years.

    I am making an appt with a psych that was recommended by my chiropractor. I am also
    going to ask my endocrinologist about her
    when I see him on Tuesday. I asked
    him to do the 8 a.m. cortisol and thyroid antibodies
    in a fax last week and he ran everything I asked!
    So, I did the blood work early so it would be ready
    when I see him and for my lyme dr visit
    the following week.

    I am wondering if my mother is going to pop in
    to my room. She did last night around 1:30 and
    she paced the hall and we talked. It seemed
    to calm her down a little. I guess it's a bit
    early for that right now.

    I am so exhausted and emotionally and physically
    drained. I can't function for days at a time like
    I have been doing this past week. It's too much
    for my weary self! Oh well, I hope this dr.
    can help her. I am worried about what will happen
    if I do have Lyme. It will make my mother worry
    more and it will be hard for both of us to go through.
    Life just gets worse every new day!!!!

    Hope you are doing okay.
    I am hoping to get to bed early, although I want
    to be available if my mother needs me.

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    YOur mother needs to be seen by a professional/psychologist/psychiatrist, where she lives to make a really thorough and accurate diagnosis..They would need to have a face-to-face interview with her...Bipolar Disorder probably needs to be R/O...can involve a lot of insomnia/pacing/manic behavior and clinical depression.

    However, if it is not that extreme, it could also be that she has a problem with Adrenal Insufficiency, but maybe, even more extreme...

    Given what she has gone through in the last year, and such a long history of not sleeping well, her adrenal glands could be malfunctioning....and it sounds like Adrenal Hysteria (which involves a lot of nighttime obsessing), also, demonstrated in her inability to fall asleep or awakening in the night due to the fact that the adrenals turn on at the wrong time, and therefore, activating the adrenaline, cortisol, and DHEA..Phosphatidylserine, which can be bought in a health food store, is suppose to influence the brain messages to the adrenals to help reverse their inappropriate release..

    I would also like to suggest that she find some form of a relaxation type therapy (which most therapists do)...which would help her find a natural way to relax her body/thoughts..That will be helpful in helping her replenish her adrenal energy stores..Cognitive Behavorial Therapy is good for obsessive thoughts and relearning positive responses...

    Hope some of this helps,
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    I have to call tomorrow and see how soon the
    pscyh can see her. I don't know how long it
    will take. I am so worried about my mother.

    I hope they will be able to help her.
    Life is getting worse every day it seems.
    Nonstop problems day after day year
    after year gets very tiring.