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  1. Godslove

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    I just bought a bottle of OLE (200 mg) last night so I'm giving it a try today. But I still have some questions for you. (I really appreciate your help). Ok here goes:

    1. How long before you experience noticable improvement?
    2. What other benefits have you noticed besides the ones
    you already stated?
    3. I am interested in other detox measures.
    4. What do you mean "your brain can swell"? (That doesn't
    sound good).

    I admire the fact that you don't tout just any old thing. That makes you more credible in my way of thinking. Thanks for your help.


  2. Plantscaper

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    I will try to answer your questions, but am a little "brain-weary", today, as I tried to do too much, yesterday..(did much more cleaning and research)

    Noticeable Improvement
    In the sinus arena, I seemed to have improvement within a few days, with signficantly less mucus, mucus blockage and general clearing of sinuses..Also, after the "herxing", stopped having the migraines..In about l0 days, I noticed increased levels of energy..and more clarity of the brain and able to do much more mental work..After about 3-4 weeks, I have noticed I don't really have any depression anymore (this is a reported benefit, in book, I am reading on this as a "improved sense of well-being"), my blood pressure was recorded at the lowest levels I have ever had in the doc's office the other day, and I have insulin resistance (think my blood sugar is more stable with much less carbohydrate cravings)..These are not just improvements, specifically for me..I have read about all of these results in the book I have read on OLE..I have, now, been on it for about 6-7 weeks, so I am still in the process of improvement..Nothing else, has really improved my condition, noticeably..I have had these DDs for about 25-30 years, so I am not an easy case..

    About the Brain Swelling
    This may mainly be unique to those of us who have had particularly bad neuro involvement (was extremely susceptible to frequent migraines),ut the first bottle was the main culprit, which had added ingredients to which I may have been allergic..Did not happen with the a different bottle-mainly had flu-like symptoms that were manageable..I have had brain-swelling due to sinus infections, so this is probably not due to the Olive Leaf Extract and just part of my individual symptomalogy..

    Drinking lots of water is probably the best detoxifier..but I have heard of people using the whole lemon/olive oil mixture and hydrogen peroxide baths..I just drank lemon water and added a little stevia, like lemonade (have read that is what JellyBelly does...

    TAKING IT SLOW HELPS THE MOST...guage it to your level of tolerance of symptoms..I tended to be the type that can rush things, but not good to detox too fast!


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  3. Godslove

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    Believe me, I understand the brain fog (as do we all). But you did a great job of describing things to me and your efforts have not gone un-noticed.

    Blessings to You, Wanda
  4. PatPalmer

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    I hadn`t realised you have had this condition for so long Amelia, such rapid improvement in a relatively short space of time is fantastic.

    Just proves getting to the root will gradually solve the knock on symptoms.

    Bet this is a very happy Easter for you, great stuff.

    Love Pat.