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    My thoughts too...

    I thought you were herxing badly and came off the Olive Leaf for a while?
    Have you returned on a lower dosage now? this would lessen the effect as you wouldn`t be killing off so much.

    I`m sure the longer you have had this horrible illness the more there is to kill off, specially if anyone has candida too... They`ll really suffer.
    Which is very likely if they have been on antibiotics without Pro-Biotics.

    As the medical profession wouldn`t be interested in OLE, I still feel OL is perhaps the best way to start, - to see if it works before resorting to Antibiotics from the Docs.
    But as Jellys had this for 22 years in all, the OLE may not be enough to treat her, who knows?

    Successful, double blind trials have been carried out with OL, but not through the bona fida sources.
    I am hoping that Jelly & Mikie are successful, as this will go a long way in helping others through their GP.

    I am still on 1 - 2 Olive Leaf a day, depends if I remember.
    I and am feeling better this last week. Been doing much more and knackered by late afternoon, but don`t suffer the next day for it !!!

    I`m sure the supplements I`m on are also responsible for the improvement too, and I don`t have a candida problem to deal with either, so lucky there.

    Chat again soon

    Love pat

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    You, know, with these diseases and perimenopause and trying different meds, it is becoming increasingly difficult discerning what affects what...I was feeling much better, yesterday, but I feel horrible today..but I started a real bad, heavy period and I had increased my OLE to new levels at the same time...

    ..I thought I had told you that I was on this new bottle, that agreed with me, and I have been slowly increasing it..I am up to about to about 300mg/3xday at 20% oleuropein.. and planning to raise that to what I read was the optimal level at 500mg/3xday to maybe twice that level..If warranted..did you go that high with yours? (but your ole has a lot less strength, does'nt it?)

    I have had these DDs for a very long time, as well, probably at least 25 I may have to take the ABX route, too..but wanted to try the potentially less harmful way to the body via the OLE...also, maybe try to balance and build the immune system, too, before going the ABX treatment..Trying to decipher whether one needs to is going to be a big query!

    Hope things are going OK in England!
    AMELIA[This Message was Edited on 03/26/2003]
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    I`m so glad you have it under more control, it`s like fighting a battle of your own, never mind Saddam Husein!!!

    I hadn`t realised you have been ill for so long, no wonder you herx easily, poor love.

    It`s going to take some time to get straight again, but you are doing everything you possibly can to help yourself now, knowledge is power, isn`t it nice to know and understand what`s gone wrong....I`ll be keeping my fingers crossed this works for you.

    If you go the ABX route, with all the info Jelly has provided, at least you know how to go about it.

    My daughter who had really Chronic CFS but no Candida is recovering well now, we both only take one or two Solgar a day, and we are definately making slow progress.

    I`m doing far more than a month ago, and waking more refreshed and sleeping sooooo well, it`s bliss. Still feel heavy but better once i`m moving around, weird.

    We have a set back in my sister 52 died of Cancer on Tuesday, so not looking forward to the funeral next Thursday. Plus we fell out 2 1/2 years ago, so i`m mixed up over that. My daughter is her double!!! Nothing like me. strange one that.

    Keep at it Amelia, I hope to be hearing good news from you soon, even if it`s only trivial improvement.

    Lots of love Pat.

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    You really have a lot to deal with...nothing has made me feel, as bad, as when my mother has been almost fatally ill these last two mother is bedridden..but, still feisty...

    Was your sister in a lot of pain? AT least, she is at peace, now... hope you have plenty of support there..will be praying for you and family...