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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Godslove, May 19, 2003.

  1. Godslove

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    Hi again. I've been away for the last 8 mother was in the hospital and I stayed with her all day and all night until she was released. (I thought we were losing her). I don't know how I did it..I guess God carries us when we can't walk.

    Anyway, I started back on the OLE 3 days ago but have not experienced any herxing. I am extremely tired but that is due to lack of rest. If I start herxing, is it okay to ride it out until the herxing is over? If I am able to see the rainbow at the end, I can try to put up with the headaches and achiness. What do you suggest?

    I am taking the OLE from this site..500 mg. If you could give me some sort of a time frame of when to increase the dosage I would greatly appreciate it.

    I have been reading your posts about Cytolog and am very interested. However, I only want to try one new thing at a time. Are either of you familiar with Alpha Lipoic Acid? I would like to know more about this also.

    Thanks to you and anyone that contributes.

    Blessings, Wanda
  2. Plantscaper

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    My mother has been very ill, too...Hope your mother is doing much better and I hope you can relax..

    You may be one of the people who don't herx..or noticeably "herx"..In that case, I would take it until I started having good reactions...

    However, Extreme exhaustion was one of my first symptoms of herxing...I would definitely ride it out,and drink lots of water if you are starting to "herx"...

    Keep in mind that your body is releasing toxins that are causing the herxing, so it is best not to overflood the system..I tolerated the flu-like symptoms...but waited for them to pass by drinking lots of water..before taking another dose...

    You know, it is difficult to say when you should increase the dose...I increased, based on whether my symptoms were decreasing..bad herxing did not last for very long...maybe a week or so..I gradually increased, after that...

    I should tell you that we have found that it is very important to take days off the OLE, so that your body will not build up a tolerance, and therefore, not work effectively..I take off 2 days off every seven..but Skychomper does it a little different and you may determine a different schedule that works for you...

    May not have answered all your questions...Maybe, Pat will see this, too and give more help..ALA is part of Flaxseed OIl, which I have been taking...


  3. Plantscaper

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    Hi Godslove,

    If you want to step
    up your dose, space them about six hours apart if not Herxing..or herxing at a manageable level..Of course, you can increase faster if there is not any herxing..
    That is indicated in the book and articles I have read about it..

    I took one/day for a week (Bad Herxing), then started adding two/day for a week, three/day for a week, etc. spaced out by 6 hours..Then, I started to add two capsules/3Xday and is my present dosing schedule..

    Now, I did not build up tolerance to OLE, until I had been on it for about 9 weeks...(but may be different for various people)..At that time, I started pulsing the dose, which means taking some days off the medicine..For every seven days, I take off two days (use Oil of Oregano on those days)..

    Wishing you much success and health,
  4. PatPalmer

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    Hi Wanda,

    I hope your mother is in better health now.

    As to the OLE, my daughter didn`t herx much at all on 3 a day, - must depend on how much bacteria etc has to be killed off. But her energy levels increased a lot within 6 weeks.

    Also, she did NOT have a candida problem, - as most with CFS/FM do, I think it could be why some herx badly.
    That`s worth bearing in mind.

    How many are you taking?

    As Amelia said, the best thing is to find your own level which you feel happy with. But taking a lot won`t make it happen any faster.

    If you decide on days off, or even run out (which happened to me)- raw garlic in food is a brillient substitute. Try adding onions to your daily diet too.

    Like Amelia, I also am on Flaxseed oil, I had a developing hip problem and since taking this it has improved a lot.
    It`s good for sooooo many things, take a look at this list:-

    ADD / ADHD
    Breast feeding
    Breast cancer
    Cardiovascular disease
    Carpal tunnel syndrome
    Cystic fibrosis
    Drug addiction
    Dry Eyes Eczema
    Graves disease
    Hair loss
    Heart attack
    Heart disease
    High blood pressure
    High cholesterol
    Hot flashes
    Irritable bowel syndrome
    Kidney disease
    Lupus Menopause
    Mitral Valve Prolapse
    Multiple sclerosis
    Oily Skin
    Peptic ulcer
    Pre-menstrual syndrome
    Respiratory system
    Rheumatic fever
    Rheumatoid arthritis
    Skin health
    Thyroid problems
    Water retention
    Yeast Infection

    Herbal & Nutritional Products with Flax seed

    Advanced Omega formula of essential fatty acids from flax seed, borage seed, omega fish oil. The fatty acids are called "essential" because the body doesn't manufacture them - they must come from food or supplements. Fatty acids are required for the maintenance of every organ in the body! They are essential for the support of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, blood vessels, the health of joints and cell membranes, as well as hair, skin and nails and much more.

    I love something that covers a multitude of things.

    Dawn will not take OLE now we are on Cytomol, but they work very differently and I do think we need a combination of supplements to reach better health, - and a healthy diet to maintain it.

    Hope this is a help to you, please keep us posted on how you do, always happy to help if I can, & take it easy.

    Love Pat.

  5. Smokeymar

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    Please forgive my stupidity. What is herxing? And OLE? Sorry, just never heard of it before.
  6. PatPalmer

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    If you tap these words (seperately) into the box at the top "search messages", a list of posts will be there & just have a read through.

    OLE is Olive leaf Extract which prevents baddies from replicating, and Herx is when they turn toxic in the blood (like being poisened) and make you feel crap.

    Best to read the posts of past, great info there.


  7. Godslove

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    Thanks for your mother is doing better; she had 2 alzheimer related grand mal seizures and we almost lost her. I'm grateful she's okay for now.

    Amelia, I think I will wait until Monday to increase my dose just to be on the safe side. After I have been on it a couple of weeks, I'll start pulsing every week or so. (I do that with my coral calcium). I see that you are taking 6 capsules a day...what mg are your caps? Mine are from this site and are 500 mg.

    Pat, thanks for all the info...I can't believe everything that Flaxseed is good for. Does Flaxseed come from fish oil? I have a very strong sensitivity to fish oils. I might try it anyway just to see if I can tolerate it... if not I'll give it to my husband (he-he).

    Your list mentioned seizures... is Flaxseed good for the slight brain seizures that some FM patients have? I have had these for several months now and would like to take care of them the natural way. I don't want any more drugs.

    Thanks to you both.

    Blessings of Health, Wanda
  8. Plantscaper

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    My level is 500mgX2X3/day, which would be l000mgx3/day...but gradually work up to that...

    Flaxseed oil is the vegetarian source of the same thing that is in Fish Oil..providing the same essential fatty acids that has been found to be deficient in CFIDS/FM patients, and can only be provided this way..

    Evening Primrose OIl is also part of the essential fatty acids and is recommended..highly.

    GABA is the best way to help calm the nervous system without using prescription drugs..I have only been on it for a few weeks, but it will help with sleep, so take at bedtime...750mg highest dose according to Klutzo..Gaba is recommended by Cheney if you are not on Klonopin

    Well, I have to get busy and get some work done...
    Good to hear from you and hope all goes well,